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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for CBN.

Get The Greatest ROI From Video Brochures

Considering how often executives get targeted with marketing messages, companies who use Video Brochures give themselves a distinct advantage when trying to reach them. This happens because Video Brochures tend to receive more attention than most other marketing products, and because of it, they produce the greatest ROI according to many of our customers.

Video Brochures Produce The Greatest ROI

If you had a penny for every time people in marketing find themselves wishing their best prospects would at least hear their marketing messages, you’d easily be a billionaire. Truly, it’s one of their biggest challenges.

Even when they put together what seems to be an outstanding campaign, it’s still sometimes almost impossible for marketers to get some executives to even listen about a product, service or opportunity that might legitimately change their lives for the better.

With that in mind, one of the greatest advantages Video Brochures provide is they substantially increase the amount of attention marketing messages receive. Not only do they look impressive, but they also capitalize on the power of videos to communicate in a more modern, interesting way. Their novelty is captivating, and their simplicity makes them exceptionally appealing. On top of that, recipients usually can’t resist showing them to others who influence their thoughts and opinions.

To explain more, here are some of the greatest benefits Video Brochures provide:

  1. Most consumers appreciate companies who use videos to communicate with them.
  2. Video Brochures have proven to reach and influence decision-makers as well as those who influence their decisions.
  3. Video Brochures have the ability to say more in less time by using videos in addition to printed content.
  4. People are more likely to watch a video in a Video Brochure than read a printed marketing product.
  5. Feedback indicates a call-to-action in a video tends to motivate recipients to respond more positively than when it is presented in text online or in print.
  6. Video has proven to communicate better than text or audio because it allows viewers to see and hear changes in voice tones, body language, demonstrations, scenery, and sounds.
  7. Video is more effective because it allows consumers to see demonstrations of products and services in normal circumstances, which makes it easier to trust.
  8. Video content arouses emotions in viewers, which increases enjoyment, interest, appeal, and motivation to respond.
  9. Video Brochures allow companies to maintain more control over how their messages get presented.
  10. 85% of consumers are more likely to buy something they are considering buying after watching a video about it.

With these benefits, it’s fairly easy to understand how using Video Brochures is helping companies get their marketing messages seen and heard by their best prospects.

Video Brochures Successfully Engage Decision-Makers

To truly help marketing messages stand out, Video Brochures do the trick. Not only do they help salespeople perform better, but they also help them reach decision-makers easier. As a result, turn-over within sales teams tends to decrease and the amount of revenue they produce tends to increase. Also, executives usually appreciate the class and conveniences Video Brochures provide. They usually respond to them quickly, and the amount of interest they have in the product, service or opportunity being sold is normally higher. For these and other reasons, ROI with Video Brochures is reportedly outstanding.

At MediaFast, we’ve helped companies succeed in marketing for over 30 years. Customer service and satisfaction are our highest priorities, and we understand how important it is for our customers to be successful when using the video marketing products like Video Brochures they buy from us.

To learn more about Video Brochures or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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