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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Slater & Zurz LLP.

Get Your Company Hired With Video Brochures

As important as it is to connect effectively with a target audience, video brochures provide an outstanding strategy. They’re captivating, engaging, and impressive. They’ve proven to help companies stand out over competitors, and they’re excellent for reaching decision-makers because they don’t get screened out by receptionists or mailroom clerks. Instead, they get special attention and priority care.

Video brochures increase purchases

The sales process for products, services and opportunities work the same in most ways. When videos are watched by people who are already thinking about buying something in particular, the chances of them making the purchase increase by approximately 65%. That’s partly because over 50% of them share what they’ve watched with people of influence, and partly because there is an increase in trust, understanding, and support that produces enough of a boost to help them make the decision to buy.

As well, something important to consider is when prospects are considering opportunities, they usually have people helping them make their decisions. Companies who use video brochures to present what they’re offering give themselves a huge advantage because they make it easier for prospects to share the information in a firsthand manner. This makes it easier for those who influence them to base their opinions on better information, and it allows the company doing the selling to present to them in a more impressive way.

One top of that, video brochures make it easier for salespeople to get follow-up meetings with prospects. Since they have to be picked back up (this is optional, but most companies recoup them so they can share them with other prospects), follow-up appointments naturally get made. This produces a benefit because the more times emotional connections are made throughout a sales process, the more comfortable prospects usually feel working with people who are trying to sell to them. That allows relationships to develop, trust to increase, and buying decisions to get made.

Video brochures impress prospects

Videos have taken the world by storm, not only in marketing, but also in many other aspects of life. People love them and companies who use them have been enjoying great benefits for several years now.

By using video brochures, companies give their prospects a chance to see and hear what they have to offer in a convenient, modern, and impressive way. They’re exceptional for promoting brands and showcasing opportunities, and they excel at getting viewers to respond to a call-to-action.

In a nutshell, video brochures have proven be an excellent way for companies to increase the number of times their videos get viewed, especially by decision-makers. They provide the ability to say more in less time, which makes them more appealing to busy executives, and they’re most people’s preferred method for learning about products, services and opportunities. Honestly, there aren’t many better ways to reach and impress prospects than by using video brochures.

Video brochures help companies get hired

If you’re someone who finds themselves wondering how to get your company hired more often, video brochures provide an excellent solution.

Video content stirs emotions and energizes messages to make them more appealing and effective. When companies use them to present their bids for jobs, they increase the chances of them being considered more seriously by up to 85% simply because they produce emotional connections, they’re proven time-savers, and people enjoy them.

In competitive fields, video brochures often provide the cutting edge advantage companies need to give themselves an edge over others. Not only are they easy to distribute, but they can normally be purchased for between $20 and $65 per unit. That makes them an excellent investment considering all of the benefits they provide.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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