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This is a group of MediaFast USB flash drives.

Give Music & Videos As Gifts In USB Flash Drives

When it comes to giving gifts, USB flash drives are still impressive and conveniently useful. People love music and videos and it’s common for them to keep their favorites in portable electronic devices so they can access them whenever they want. Handily, one of the most sensible ways to do so is in a USB flash drive.

In today’s world, USB ports seem to be everywhere. They’re included in new houses almost as commonly as traditional electric outlets. They come standard in most new cars, and they’re now even included in most modern hotel rooms.

For anyone looking to impress others with a useful gift, giving custom USB flash drives loaded with music or videos can be an ideal way to hit the spot.

Examples of what can be included in USB Flash Drives

  1. Music – The music industry has transitioned from being about albums, tapes, CDs and live performances to being as much or more about YouTube and handheld electronic devices that can stream music and videos. Whereas in the old days it was common for guys and girls to charm each other with playlists recorded on cassette tapes, they can now do the same with USB flash drives.
  2. Videos – Highlights, performances, presentations, ceremonies, special occasions, and other joyful moments can be captured in videos. An ideal way to share them is in USB flash drives because they’re small, durable, and easy to operate. What high school athlete wouldn’t want highlights of their performances as a graduation gift, or what parent wouldn’t want a video of a special occasion they enjoyed with their kids? Presenting them in a USB flash drive keeps them safe and easy to access.
  3. Commercials Marketing videos can be recorded and easily shared with targeted prospects in USB flash drives.
  4. Important Data – USB flash drives provide a secure way to store, transfer, and take data practically anywhere. Remember, The Cloud isn’t always private or accessible without an internet connection. To learn more, click this link: Why USB Flash Drives Are Still Relevant
  5. Resumes A resume on a USB flash drive provides an excellent way for an applicant to stand out above others.
  6. Portfolios Photographers, artists, designers, and other professionals who market themselves with images and videos can benefit from sharing portfolios on USB flash drives.
  7. Catalogues Instead of printing an extensive product catalog with a lot of pages, companies can present potential customers with a digital version on a USB flash drive.
  8. Training It can sometimes be expensive for companies to gather employees into one live setting. With training sessions shared on USB flash drives, companies can control the quality of the training presented and individuals can watch whenever it is best for them.
  9. Orientation USB flash drives can make accessing welcome letters, employee handbooks, and other important information more modern and convenient.
  10. Demonstrations Research shows people prefer to watch videos when learning about procedures, opportunities, products and services. Sharing them on USB flash drives can be an appreciated way for people to watch them.

USB Flash Drives are ideal for giving music and videos

Even for people who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy, USB flash drives are dynamic pocket-sized devices that can be customized for branding and marketing. Also, their storage capacities are enormous and they come with all sorts of powerful capabilities to manage data. For those reasons, computer repair technicians use them regularly and tech-savvy individuals use them when managing their data for added security and privacy.

For anyone looking to give a unique gift to someone who loves music and/or videos, USB flash drives can be ideal. For example, someone we know wanted to give their son all of the videos from the football games he played in during his senior year of high school. Their first thought was that a video brochure would be ideal, but then they realized it wouldn’t be practical to fit them all on one single unit. So, they chose a USB flash drive because all of the games fit easily on one of those.

To learn more about USB flash drives or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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