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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Holland Hospital.

Great Marketing With Video Mailers

Video brochures have provided excellent ROI for several years now, and distributing them as video mailers has made them even more effective.

How video mailers make video brochures even better

As a way to take advantage of the latest technology, companies have been benefiting from the many excellent ways to use video brochures.

The usual method of distribution has been to hand them directly to targeted recipients, which is very effective. This also creates an ideal way to make a follow-up appointment because video brochures have to be picked back up. To learn more, read this article titled Video Brochures Make Follow Up Appointments Easy.

On the other hand, sharing video brochures as video mailers with our custom packaging has made them even more attention-grabbing and classy.

Consider the following eight benefits of using video mailers:

  1. For the recipient, the presentation of your company is much better.
  2. Your video brochure will not arrive in branded packaging from another company like Fed Ex, UPS, or the USPS.
  3. Your company brand will be impressively represented on the packaging.
  4. For the recipient, the experience will be much like receiving a present.
  5. Video mailers increase the perceived value of your company.
  6. Inside the packaging, there is room for product samples to further impress recipients.
  7. Video mailers create a higher open and response rate according to feedback from our clients.
  8. Video mailers help ensure companies get remembered.

What’s more, in addition to these eight benefits, we make video mailers affordable to better serve our clients.

How video brochures can improve your business

Unlike other forms of marketing, MediaFast video brochures can place your company videos directly into the hands of your most likely customers.

They provide an excellent way to engage those you are hoping to influence, and they usually leave recipients feeling valued as well as impressed and acknowledged. As an added benefit, that often results in increased brand loyalty.

Also, feedback indicates recipients regularly share them with co-workers and decision-makers, which means you get more marketing for your money.

Additionally, they offer the best of traditional print advertising along with modern video representation to render twice the appeal of other marketing materials. They are genuinely like holding a TV commercial in your hands, and they provide a perfect way to ensure messages get heard and help companies be remembered.

Video mailers are great for marketing

For many companies, marketing has the biggest influence on their success or failure.

From our experience, companies who understand marketing and spend time and money on it usually do better than companies who don’t. They understand that when their most likely customers are looking to buy whatever it is they sell, they have a much better chance of getting their business if they’ve marketed themselves well enough to be remembered.

To better explain the importance of marketing, here are three key points:

  1. When people need or want something, they immediately think of who they know or where they know to get it.
  2. When people are looking to buy products or services, the companies they remember are usually the ones who sell to them.
  3. Companies who spend time and money marketing themselves are generally more successful than their competitors who don’t spend time and money marketing themselves.

One of the greatest benefits of using video mailers is they help ensure companies get remembered. Then, when potential customers who have seen their video mailers need or want something they have to offer, the likelihood of them getting their business is increased.

You can do great marketing with video mailers

At MediaFast, we understand the importance of marketing. We know how to save money for our clients, and we’ve helped many of them save thousands of dollars on highly effective marketing since 1991.

With us, you can have an expert working with you from the beginning to the end. Someone who knows what it will take to get everything printed, manufactured, mailed, and delivered on time. Also, with our expertise and efficient processes, we have a great chance of making your project come in under budget.

To learn more about prices, turn-around time and/or other information about video mailers or video brochures, contact us today.

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