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This is an image of a video camera filming a businesswoman sitting behind a desk making a presentation.

Great ROI Comes From Video Marketing Products

To get great ROI, video marketing products have proven to produce excellent results for companies all over the world. One of the biggest reasons for their success is they provide a brilliant combination of audio and visual like a TV commercial companies can deliver directly to their most likely customers. They also cost much less and are far more convenient for sharing.

Reasons Video Marketing Products Produce Great ROI

  • Videos grab attention. People love videos and will usually watch them if they feel they’re about something remotely interesting. Specifically, they’re excellent for telling stories, which people enjoy, and companies have learned that videos strongly influence people’s buying decisions.
  • People are more interested in videos. In today’s world, the majority of people would much rather watch videos than read text or listen to audio when trying to learn about something or be entertained.
  • Videos make messages unforgettable. By combining images with sound and motion, videos engage more senses to make messages more memorable.
  • People are more interested in marketing with videos. Marketing with videos tends to win the battle for attention and is far less likely to get thrown away or set aside than more traditional forms.
  • Videos are excellent for increasing brand recognition. While it is difficult to put a dollar amount on brand recognition, videos are a highly effective, modern way to plant a brand in people’s minds.
  • Videos are excellent for many business purposes. Videos perform extremely well in sales, advertising, marketing, branding, recruiting, training, educating, motivating, fundraising, entertaining and sharing testimonials.
  • Video marketing is ideal for targeting specific prospects. Videos are even more effective when the right people see them. One way for companies to ensure that happens is to deliver video marketing products directly to their target audience.
  • Videos are extremely cost effective to make and distribute. Buying and distributing video marketing products is often less expensive when compared to the cost of other forms of marketing, branding, recruiting, training, educating, motivating, fundraising, entertaining and advertising.
  • Video marketing products can be watched almost anywhere at any time. Company representatives do not have to be present for them to perform and they don’t require an internet connection or electricity.
  • Video marketing products can be reprogrammed, repurposed, and reused. The printed content will remain the same, but the video content can be changed easily with a MAC or a PC. This means companies don’t have to reorder new ones when they want to change the messages in them.
  • Videos allow companies to keep their messages consistent for everyone who sees them. Feedback indicates video marketing products are usually watched in groups and shared amongst decision-makers and people who influence them.
  • Video marketing products create the perfect reason for follow-up appointments. Over 80% of sales are converted after the 4th follow-up, and since video marketing products have to be picked back up, they provide the perfect reason for salespeople to get follow-up appointments.
  • Videos help build relationships. Videos have the ability to say and show more in less time. They also increase trust and help viewers feel more connected to the people they see in videos.
  • Video marketing products increase perceived value. In addition to helping companies stand out from competitors, video marketing products increase perceived value because they’re novel and exceptionally classy.

MediaFast Video Marketing Products Produce Great ROI

Companies who use video marketing products often realize pretty quickly they are worth every penny. In some ways, they are like having a bigger staff filled with more effective personnel because of how well they perform.

At MediaFast, we understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely. After working with us, our customers consistently end up with outstanding video marketing products that help their companies thrive in whatever capacity they choose to use them.

To learn more about video marketing or any of the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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