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Highlighting Video Marketing Trends In 2017

If you have interest in marketing, you’re probably aware that video marketing is now imperative to achieve a decent level of success. Without a doubt, video content is affecting the marketing world more than ever in 2017.

To illustrate the affect of video content in marketing this year, the following are some video marketing trends we’ve noticed so far.

Video marketing trends in 2017

1) Video has created more self-serve processes for online visitors. Twenty years ago, websites were used more to create interest in a company’s products or services. People still had to call or actually go to a company’s location to get adequate information to make buying decisions or to actually make purchases.

However, in 2017 it is very common for people to go through self-serve processes online to gain all of the information they need and even make purchases without ever talking to anyone at the company from which they are buying.

2) Potential buyers expect video content. Video content is now a necessity, not an extravagance. Potential buyers often lose interest in products or services from companies who don’t have videos about them because they have learned they can usually find them from competitors.

Companies whose competitors have videos need to have videos about their products and services to remain competitive.

3) Video quality is more important than video quantity. This is a result of the video landscape becoming more competitive. People commonly bypass low quality videos because they’ve learned they can quickly find better ones. Also, the rating systems online make it easier for viewers to find highly rated videos.

4) Video content now plays a bigger role in marketing. Companies are now allocating more time and money for video production to meet the demand for videos.

However, video content doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, a high quality video can succeed in reaching a high level of engagement on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram without expensive professionals being hired to make it. The point is, people demand videos and companies need to supply them.

5) Companies have prioritized making a video marketing strategy. Many companies say videos have generated the best ROI for them. In years past it was common for companies to use a “ready, fire, aim” approach with the videos they shared. Now, due to the excellent ROI videos are generating, companies have begun to strategize their plans for content and launch dates.

6) For sales, the use of videos has become an outstanding strategy. Videos engage more senses in viewers and make messages more memorable. As a result, they strongly influence buying decisions and help people move faster through sales funnels.

7) Adding videos to emails has substantially increased their open and response rates. People have wisely begun to attach videos to emails in an effort to increase engagement, trust and interest. This practice has resulted in an increase in open and response rates as well as more effective marketing.

8) Companies are now using video content more often in retargeting campaigns. Through the years, companies learned that nearly 80% of their website viewers would not return. To address that problem, retargeting campaigns were created as a way to reach back out to previous website visitors and convert those who have already shown interest in their products or services into buyers. The addition of video content has made retargeting campaigns even more successful.

9) Longer videos are no longer discouraged if done well. In the past, the strategy of “shorter is always better” was usually relied upon for video content. However, in the information hungry world we live in today, longer videos are no longer routinely viewed as being too long. Instead, they are sometimes viewed as simply being too boring. In 2017, videos aren’t viewed as being too long as long as they aren’t too boring.

10) Posts with videos on social media platforms get more attention. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter encourage users to post videos. Also, the number of views and responses to posts with videos are often much higher.

11) An increased number of how-to videos are being made and watched. People would rather watch videos than read words or look at none-moving images. As a result, how-to videos are being used and relied on much more by educators and consumers instead of text books and user manuals.

12) Videos are being used much more in personal and public relations. Videos are excellent for clarifying messages and holding a viewer’s attention. To take advantage of this, people are using videos much more in their personal and professional lives to address others for all sorts of reasons.

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