History Of The Flash Drive

In today’s world, we often don’t think twice about that helpful little tool hanging from our lanyards, nestled in our conference swag bags, or conveniently placed at the ends of our pens. This little tool – a USB drive – has opened our computerized world to practically endless possibilities of storing, transferring and copying data.

How USB Came To Be

The USB, or Universal Serial Bus, has many common household names: thumb drive, flash drive, pen drive, memory stick, etc. and was first patented in 1999 by a company out of Israel called M-Systems. An employee of I.B.M. also filed an invention disclosure in 1999 when one of their employees, Shimon Shmueli, claimed to have invented the drive.

Though the initial invention remains disputable, it wasn’t until late in 2000 that the first USB flash drive was sold in the U.S. by I.B.M. This drive, originally called the DiskOnKey, held just eight megabytes. However, in less than 10 years, the drive’s storage capacity increased to 256 gigabytes per drive.

The Price is Right

Thanks to modern technology and state-of-the-art computer development, flash drives now have exponentially more memory capacity and are sold at a much lower cost. When first introduced, a 128-megabyte flash drive cost about $30. Now, less than two decades later, an 8-gigabyte drive costs around $10. Experts claim this trend will continue as long as the technology develops.

Modern Usage  USB Flash Drive in different protective material

Today, USB drives are capable of being written to hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Thanks to their small size, affordability and universal usage, USB drives are being used to share endless information across a plethora of networks and platforms.

Recently, cities around the U.S. have created a new form of information dead drop where USB drives are built into walls and public areas. Here, users can plug their personal devices into the USB port and quickly download or upload data. This allows information to be shared and transferred without the use of a network.

Customize Your Drive  USB Flash Drive in different protective cases

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