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This is MediaFast video brochures and video mailers for Vogue and Joseph Grenny.

Hit The Bullseye With Video Brochures

When companies know their target audience, having the best strategies to reach them can lead to huge profits. Increasingly over the past five years or so, companies have learned that using video brochures to engage their target audience is much like hitting a bullseye – it can’t get much better.

A brief history of videos in marketing

In 2005, YouTube opened the flood gates for videos to be conveniently available to the masses. Not only did YouTube make it easier for users to upload their videos online, but it also made it easier to share links or post videos on website pages so it would be easier for consumers to see them. Smart companies took advantage of this, and soon their most likely customers were finding their messages more often and much easier.

As the popularity of videos continued to escalate, YouTube was joined by other companies who contributed to how conveniently videos could be found online. Snapchat, Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are some of the more popular examples. As a benefit to companies who post videos on these platforms, the profiles of users are linked to a network of friends and associates. This makes it more likely their marketing videos will get shared, and the increase in exposure often leads to an increase in revenue.

Now, with the introduction of video marketing products, companies can target their most likely customers directly. Video brochures and other cutting-edge marketing pieces that include videos are performing some of the most effective marketing ever, and videos in them don’t always have to be Super Bowl quality to get a great response. Recipients respond extremely well to them, and ROI with them is usually outstanding.

Why video brochures make such a great impact

Video brochures have truly become one of the best marketing pieces companies can use. They combine traditional print advertising with videos, and they easily do what text and motionless images cannot.

One of the biggest reasons for their success is the brilliant combination of audio and visual they deliver. It allows them to have practically the same affect as a TV commercial at a much lower cost, and they are far more convenient for companies and recipients to share.

For several reasons, videos create a powerful connection with viewers and often motivate them to respond more enthusiastically to calls-to-action. They also help companies better demonstrate, communicate, and portray details in actual settings, and viewers appreciate how videos feel more entertaining and easier to watch than reading or listening to written or audio content. In addition to being more engaged, they’re also able to see and hear more information in less time.

And finally, one of the greatest benefits video brochures offer is they have the ability to tell stories both verbally and visually. “Facts tell, stories sell” carries a lot of truth, and by using stories to bring products, services, and opportunities to life, potential customers can get a more accurate understanding of what is being offered. Their emotions get aroused. What they see and hear in videos feels more convincing, and consequently, they remember video marketing messages better and feel more interested in using the products, services, and opportunities they see in them.

Video brochures are ideal for reaching targeted prospects

Most companies who use video brochures believe they are worth every penny. In some respects, they are like having a bigger sales force filled with salespeople who are better at making sales. Add to that the fact that recipients usually respond very favorably to them, and it’s easy to see why there aren’t many better ways for companies to reach their targeted prospects.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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