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This is a MediaFast video box for Sing 2.

How A Video Box Is A Sales Booster

If you’re a marketer looking for a cutting-edge sales booster, a Video Box is an excellent solution. They’re the kind of extraordinary marketing piece that’ll help your company quickly gain new clients. They’ll also help you keep the ones you have, and ROI with them is outstanding.

Success Story

Recently, Amy Hafen, President of MediaFast, shared this story with me. By the way, in case you’re curious, the company she is referring to is Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin.

“To enhance the presentation of their new makeup line, our client worked with us to create a state-of-the-art Video Box. Then they had them delivered to A-List celebrities and influencers, and the recipients ‘went crazy’. Influencers even created ‘unboxing’ videos showing how impressive they were, and several of the videos went viral on social media, which created amazing product buzz!

This cosmetic Video Box was the first of its kind in 2018, and since then, video-integrated product boxes have become a highly successful go-to for companies in many industries.”

Imagine—your company could do the same. Granted, while you may not start the trend, you could definitely ride the wave…and it’s a wave that’s creating massive profits.

Examples of Video Boxes

Before explaining more, here is a short clip of some Video Boxes we’ve created for clients.

What’s So Great About a Video Box

As a way to send samples or gifts, you couldn’t pick a better strategy than using a Video Box. Not only are they attention-grabbing and novel, but they’re also impressive enough for recipients to show around to others, making them even more influential.

Remember those “unboxing videos” referenced above? Yeah, they really happened, and the boost in sales they created was phenomenal.

Here’s why… In a nutshell, videos are extremely popular. They’re classy. They grab attention, consumers nowadays expect to find them, and they’re most people’s preferred method for learning.

Because of it, many companies have realized that using videos will help their marketing draw a better response. Furthermore, when they combine them with samples and/or gifts in Video Boxes and then send them to targeted prospects… Well, let’s just say the results have been tremendous.

Short Clip of a Video Box We Created For Insperity

To give you a better idea of their capacity, here’s a video highlighting a Video Box we created for Insperity — “HR that Makes a Difference”.

Why a Video Box is a Sales Booster

When it comes to marketing, there are normally two specific goals. One is to help companies keep the clients they already have. The other is to help them gain new ones. Fortunately, Video Boxes have proven to accomplish both.

With regards to videos, according to a post on, studies have proven that consumers believe companies who use videos better understand how to connect with them. In addition, 90% of consumers say videos strongly impact their purchasing decisions, and 80% say they’re more likely to buy something after watching a video about it.

With that in mind, the impact of a Video Box is extraordinary because it includes product samples or gifts along with a video — a one-two punch that’s practically unbeatable. In this day and age, marketing just doesn’t get much more effective than that.

Small Video Box We Created For TierOne Percenters

Sometimes a small gift goes a long way. And, when it’s presented in a custom Video Box, it has a tendency to go even further… 

Get Sales Boosting Video Boxes From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we make all of our products with only brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. It also makes them extremely reliable. On top of that, from what we know, we’re the only company in our industry to include a one-year, full warranty.

In addition, we do not lock video content on the units like our competitors do. Instead, during the manufacturing process, we load the videos supplied to us by our clients and then leave them unlocked so they can change them whenever they want.

While our competitors charge for this, we don’t because we believe that without the video content, a Video Box isn’t really a Video Box. Plus, we feel like our customers shouldn’t be restricted from doing whatever they want with their products if they decide to make changes and/or reuse them.

After reading this, if you’d like to use Video Boxes as a sales booster for your company, or to learn more, contact us today.

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