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This is a MediaFast video box for MAZUMA Capital.

How A Video Box Will Turn Your Samples Into Money

For extraordinary results, using a Video Box to present samples will turn them into money. Feedback from our clients indicates this strategy performs extremely well, and for companies who already use samples to keep customers and/or acquire new ones, using a Video Box will help them enjoy even greater results.

Why It’s Important To Use Videos In Marketing

The most successful companies in the digital age we live in use newer strategies to connect with prospects. While it’s no secret that videos amplify results, combining them with older strategies, such as using samples, has been brilliant.

With this in mind, marketing with videos is extremely important because most consumers prefer to learn about products or services by watching them. In fact, consumers often seek out videos and appreciate when they’re available. They also respond to them well.

Since videos are what consumers want, companies who make them readily available give themselves a distinct advantage over competitors. Not only do they help make them more interesting, but they’ve also proven to prompt viewers to respond to a call to action with more enthusiasm.

According to reports, over 65% of online readers will watch a video if one is available about something they’re interested in purchasing. Also, 81% of consumers who watch a video about something they’re interested in purchasing ultimately buy it. With results like that, it’s no wonder videos clearly provide one of the very best ways for companies to connect with their most likely customers.

How A Video Box Will Turn Your Samples Into Money

Sometimes referred to as a video gift box, video sample box, video player box, video box mailer or a screen-in box, a Video Box simply provides a more impressive way for companies to present samples to targeted prospects.

By using the power of videos, companies help themselves stand out from competitors. To completely blow them away, using a custom Video Box is one of the most creative ways to make that happen. In addition to having room inside for samples, gifts, and/or other marketing materials, the video screen (typically located inside the box top) serves as a novel way to engage recipients with influential content and cause them to feel impressed. It’s the star attraction.

What’s more, a Video Box often makes such a great first impression that decision-makers contact senders soon after receiving them, and sometimes sales get made right away. Typically, it’s the video content that causes that to happen so fast. To learn more about how videos shorten sales cycles, click this link: Make Sales Faster With Video

Get An Excellent Video Box For Your Company From MediaFast

A Video Box offers companies a new and exciting way to help their samples make a greater impact. It’s designed to take advantage of how powerful videos are in sales and marketing, and the statement one delivers for companies increases their perceived value as well as demonstrates a higher regard for their prospects. When using samples, there may not be a better way to turn them into money.

At MediaFast, we understand the importance of marketing. We completely understand how important it is for companies to spend their money on strategies that work, and our vast experience (over 150 years combined in our leadership team) allows us to be a great company resource for our clients.

Also, we only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality in all of our products, and we offer a complete mailing solution so our clients can remain focused on what they do best.

To purchase a Custom Video Box for your company or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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