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How A Video Brochure Helped Someone Get A Job

Cool story – a buyer’s agent targeted a company she wanted to work for and got hired after she sent them a video presentation of herself in a video brochure.

How A Video Brochure Helped Someone Get A Job

While video brochures are certainly dynamic, one of the lesser known ways to use them is to apply for a job. However, doing that worked perfectly for a young buyer’s agent in Utah.

Her husband works for a company who had been given samples of video brochures from us. He was so impressed that he took them home and showed them to his wife. She too was impressed.

That night they had a great idea: What if she made a video of herself and told the company she really wanted to work for how much she wanted to work for them and why she would be an asset? Then, what if they put her video on one of the video brochure samples we gave them (one was generic with only MediaFast branding on it) and dropped it off for the personnel department?

In many cases, there are a lot of applicants who apply for prime jobs when they’re open. When that happens and applicants find a way to stand out from others, it often works in their favor. For example, video resumes have helped some applicants stand out from others and have ultimately been the reason they received more attention during the evaluation process.

In this case, the video was the key. It allowed her to say and show far more about herself in less time than it would have taken a hiring manager to read her resume. It also created a better connection between her and the people who watched it, and it allowed them to see how modern, aware, and resourceful she is. Then, within no time, she was called in for an interview and offered the job, which she happily accepted.

The Power Of A Video Presentation

In the digital age we live in, people actually prefer watching videos over reading in many cases. Maybe this is because videos have the ability to accurately depict scenery, circumstances, sounds, actions and results with great detail. Or, maybe this is because videos engage more senses and arouse more emotions in viewers while they watch.

For example, when people watch videos about exercise equipment, they might not feel excited about possibly using it themselves until they see how easy the exercise is to perform. Or, if they’re looking at cleaning products, they might not feel excited about seeing products on display unless a short video explains the differences between them so they’ll feel more aware. Then, finding what they really want might be easier, and they’ll probably attribute their success to the company who conveniently shared the video they watched.

Whether it’s an individual or a company, one of the very best ways for anyone to ensure their messages get seen and heard is to present them in videos. This is true not only because videos are ideal for arousing emotions, but also because they enable presenters to say and show more information in less time.

Also, and this might be just as impactful, videos can be watched over and over again and shared easily by prospects and decision-makers. That reduces the amount of second-hand information people might share with each other, and videos have a way of motivating people to take action instead of just moving on to the next thing their thoughts might lead them.

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