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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen for Mobile Pay.

How A Video Helps A Point Of Purchase Display

Using a Point of Purchase Display is a great way to increase revenue in retail locations. However, what has been discovered over the past few years is that putting a video in one will usually help it perform even better.

Increase Revenue With A Point of Purchase Display

Many years ago, researchers learned that a sale-oriented, attention-grabbing Point of Purchase Display in a retail setting attracts the attention of shoppers. When positioned correctly, it will usually increase sales, improve the amusement level in a store, and help consumers notice products or services they should try or were forgetting they needed to buy.

Also, shoppers make a lot of purchases on impulse and POP Displays are excellent at increasing impulse purchases. Many people who enjoy shopping get a rush from making purchases on a whim, and often that is the feeling they go out hoping to find. Strategically, an eye-catching Point of Purchase Display can do a phenomenal job of increasing revenue for that very reason.

In a nut shell, by placing a Point of Purchase Display in an area of high traffic, store owners and managers allow themselves to capitalize on the impulsive nature of consumers. They can increase sales of products that otherwise wouldn’t get noticed nearly as much, and POP Displays give shoppers more to look at while they shop for items they want and/or need.

Shoppers Appreciate A Reminder From A Point of Purchase Display

When people go shopping, they don’t always remember everything they want or need. Even shoppers who make lists forget things from time to time. Fortunately, POP Displays do a fantastic job of giving reminders, and shoppers often appreciate being reminded of items they want or need.

For example, tape, light bulbs, shoe strings, batteries, gloves, toothpaste, soap, and moisturizer are common items people forget to purchase when they’re in stores. However, these items are often featured in Point of Purchase Displays to help them get more attention.

On top of that, POP Displays do a great job of increasing sales of items such as candy, toys, pet treats, sunglasses, cleaning supplies, beauty products, and many other non-essential items. Store owners enjoy the boost in revenue, and even though many non-essential items aren’t the best for a person’s health or bank account, consumers are usually going to buy them somewhere anyway. What a well-placed Point of Purchase Display does is let shoppers know those items are available right then and there exactly where they already are.

Video Content Helps A Point Of Purchase Display

To perform at its best, a Point of Purchase Display should never be boring. If it is, it will struggle to produce acceptable results.

In today’s world, mass manufacturers have learned how to put a video screen in almost anything. When thinking about marketing, marketing materials with a personalized approach and modern technology tend to perform better. Including videos in Point of Purchase Displays helps them get more attention from consumers, and products displayed in them sell more often because of it.

For suppliers, including videos in Point of Purchase Displays can be instrumental in convincing store owners to display theirs in stores. Wise store owners and managers usually understand the benefits of keeping their locations fresh and interesting. They also realize consumers sometimes simply won’t notice new products unless something draws their attention to them. Also, many shoppers enjoy making impulse purchases, and sometimes shoppers simply need to be reminded of items they want or need to buy. To effectively capitalize on those concepts, a Point of Purchase Display with a video is often the best solution in retail sales.

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