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How Law Firms Use Video Brochures With Great Success

Law firms have been using Video Brochures with great success for several years now. If you’re thinking about the marketing side of your business — and what business owners don’t — these work remarkably well. Here we’ll review how.

Why Video Brochures Produce Marketing That Works

Video Brochures create powerful, memorable experiences by delivering messages in a multi-sensory way. They enable advertisers to capitalize on the power of videos, and their tangibility boosts the results of targeted advertising to unheard of levels.

To give you an idea, imagine holding a miniature plasma TV in your hands. Then imagine it’s playing a customized commercial for you about something you need and/or want. In other words, it would benefit your life to have it and someone thought highly enough of you to send it in a cutting-edge way to your attention. That’s basically what these are like. Cool, huh?

And by the way, we’ve had clients report as high as a 66% response rate, which is extraordinary when compared to most other forms of marketing. Plus, we’ve had some report as high as a 70% increase in sales after using them. How’s that for marketing that works?

How Law Firms Use Video Brochures

When one law firm finds a way to set itself apart from its competitors, the rewards are often substantial. Effectively, HD Video Brochures do that.

The keys are to use them, have your staff be prepared to handle the responses, and follow-up with recipients who don’t respond within 24 to 48 hours. What you’ll find is that many of them were planning to respond but just hadn’t made the time to do so yet, and they’ll be glad you called. That’s how impressive these video activated marketing products are.

With that said, here’s how law firms use Video Brochures with great success:

  1. To solicit new clients. These are ideal for leaving in the offices of medical professionals, such as chiropractors. As well, some law firms send them to other attorneys to enable referrals, and they mail them to accident victims and/or their families depending on individual state restrictions.
  2. To build firm credibility and strengthen client relationships. Attorneys use them to share other victim’s success stories; to share messages from partners at their firm; to emotionally engage prospective clients with information about their firm and its strengths; and to enable their clients to share video messages with their support system, which expands credibility in a valuable way.
  3. To educate clients and their families. Video Brochures are excellent for introducing members of a personal legal team to clients by including them in a welcome pack. Firms also use them to share videos that review legal processes in a way that’s easy for clients to understand and share with loved ones, which has proven to cut down on phone calls to address frequently asked questions.

As you can see, Video Brochures are exceptionally useful. Imagine — all of that in one small, hand-held, dynamic package… and ROI with them is outstanding.

HD Video Brochures In Action

In case you haven’t seen them, here’s a video showing Video Brochures in action.

Case Study: Grossman Law Offices

Located in Dallas, Texas, Grossman Law has experienced great success helping clients achieve gainful resolutions of their legal dilemmas over the past decade.

Regarding their marketing, when the traditional strategies they were using became less effective, they decided they wanted to use a more modern approach — one that included videos. Fortunately, they chose HD Video Mailers from MediaFast, and the results have been even better than they expected.

Effectively, their hard cover Video Mailer built trust and rapport with the personal injury victims they contacted. The 5” HD/IPS screen and interior pocket that included additional literature communicated with them in a way they appreciated, and the video testimonials they included boosted their effectiveness as well.

As you can imagine, after experiencing such great results, Grossman Law made Video Mailers from MediaFast a permanent part of their marketing campaigns.

Production Time and Frequently Asked Questions

By now, your interests have probably peaked and you might have questions. With that in mind, here are answers to some we hear often.

  • Prices are based on screen size and quality. Bigger isn’t always better. Our most popular screen size is the 4″ HD screen, which is measured diagonally. In addition, other standard screen sizes include 3″, 4″, 5″, 7″, and 10″ options.
  • After artwork is approved, production time is typically 3-4 weeks.
  • Videos are loaded for free during production. Plus, we don’t lock the content, meaning you can change it at any time in an easy process. To learn how, click How To Change Video Content.
  • The design on the printed wrap is totally customized to your business. We provide free design templates if you’d like to handle design yourself, or our in-house design team can work with you to create it.
  • Our standard memory allows for up to 10 minutes of video content, which can be increased by upgrading to a larger memory chip if you’d prefer. Also, the video content can be spread into as many segments as you’d like, meaning you can have multiple videos.
  • MediaFast has been in business for over 30 years.
  • We stand behind our products by including a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

To learn more about how law firms use Video Brochures with great success, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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