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How Long Should Your Video Be For Best Results?

We often get asked how long a video should be for best results. The following is our recommendation with some statistical insights from Visible Measures.

How long should your video be and why

For marketers, sharing videos online and on digital devices like video brochures has become a game-changer. It’s a practice that has provided an unprecedented number of opportunities to get messages to targeted recipients while also reaching consumers in a way they are becoming more and more accustomed to experiencing.

So what is the optimal length of a video? Research indicates there are so many videos being created and watched on a daily basis that average consumers are feeling overwhelmed. Also, studies strongly indicate that the increased number of videos being watched is directly connected to people’s rapidly decreasing attention spans. With those statements in mind, shorter is usually better.

Statistics explaining why shorter is usually better

According to Visible Measures:

  • 20% of viewers stop watching a video after ten seconds
  • 33% of viewers stop watching a video after thirty seconds
  • 45% of viewers become distracted or lost after one minute
  • 60% of viewers stop paying attention after two minutes

A good rule of thumb is to keep the length of a video approximately 30 seconds or less. With that said, it should be pointed out that spending valuable time and resources on a longer video often means a company is risking the chance to have their message make an impact at all.

This doesn’t mean all longer videos are ineffective. In fact, longer videos can be incredibly effective when companies are speaking to their own representatives or current customer base. When people already have a relationship with a certain brand, they are usually more willing to watch longer.

Top 4 points to consider when making a video

  1. Center your video around the story, not the sale. What makes videos engaging is when they tell a story people are interested in hearing. The most effective videos connect with viewers through some form of captivation or inspiration. A simple video about a product or service doesn’t cut it. To generate the best results, a video must tell a story to stir emotions while highlighting a product or service.
  2. Make it the best 10 to 30 seconds ever. One fifth of viewers click away from videos within 10 seconds if they’re bored. The remainder won’t make it 20 seconds unless their emotions are aroused. Video experts recommend getting right to the meat of the story, and shorter videos have higher conversion rates.
  3. Post your video in multiple locations. To maximize results, your video should be shared in as many locations as possible in addition to your website. When you spend the time and money to make an awesome storytelling video to interest and engage prospects, share it as much as you can.
  4. Include a Call To Action. A huge mistake companies sometimes make in video marketing is failing to include a Call To Action. To make a marketing video great, viewers need to be prompted further down a sales funnel after watching.

MediaFast can help your company with video marketing

With MediaFast, you can have a team of experts working with you from start to finish. The MediaFast team of experts knows what it will take to get everything scripted, produced, printed, manufactured, mailed, and delivered on time.

Also, imagine how great you will feel when the costs come in under budget without innovation or style having been sacrificed. Often, that is exactly what MediaFast has done for companies since 1991.

To find out more about how MediaFast can be a great company resource and help your company with video marketing, contact us today.

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