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Recipient receiving a video brochure from a salesperson.

How MediaFast Compares To Its Competitors

To begin with, are you wondering if us writing a blog on our website answering how MediaFast compares to its competitors means we’re going to be biased? If yes, that’s fair to think.

Are you also assuming we’d like to criticize our competitors while flattering ourselves? That’s a fair assumption as well, but as you’ll see, we won’t do that. Nor do we want to.

The truth is we feel like competition is helpful. It creates an increase in consumer awareness about products like we sell, and it motivates companies in our industry—including us— to continually get better while giving consumers options.

Also, we’re not fearful of it. If handled correctly, competition is beneficial in a lot of ways.

So, while we feel like MediaFast provides the best solution because we prioritize customer service, offer reasonable prices, sell top-quality products, and provide a Ritz Carlton like experience for our clients, some of our competitors provide unique offerings somewhat different from us. Also, some do a great job of providing solutions that consumers want and need, and we’ll credit them for those.

Examples of Video Marketing Products

Before giving praise to some of our competitors, we’d like to show products that are sold in our industry. Why? Because there may be readers here who aren’t familiar with them.

That said, we don’t have any from our competitors in the following video—we just don’t have a video with that content. Just know that it shows video brochures, video mailers, and video boxes in case you aren’t familiar with them, and then we’ll move on.

Also, since the products get referred to by different names at times, here’s a link with an explanation for that along with a list mentioning many of them: Other Names For Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes.

Comparing MediaFast To Its Competitors

As stated previously, some of our competitors provide unique offerings and do a good job of providing solutions to consumers.

For instance, MediaWrite and Red Paper Plane beat our 3 to 4 week lead time with video brochures and video mailers. Their quickturn, in-house digital printing services provide a faster alternative—one some consumers need. And, while their offerings come with limited customization, they fill a significant niche.

Furthermore, Red Paper Plane is a creative, talented company who makes beautiful work in our opinions.

Regarding point of purchase displays with videos, Americhip is a solutions driven company who offers nice options for retail purposes. Many consumers are pleased with them, and they’re a good competitor in that market.

And about Marc Media, they’re a clever, data driven company with some merit in their thoughts. More specifically, their products provide wifi and geo tracking with SIM cards.

However, because we feel like geo tracking in video marketing products is intrusive and unnecessary, we have philosophical differences with them. Basically, who wants to be tracked?

On top of that, video brochures, video mailers, and video boxes work extremely well without those capabilities, and they don’t improve ROI. So, why sour the experience?

With that said, for anyone who doesn’t have a problem with Marc Media’s business model, they offer effective video marketing products that engage targeted prospects with videos.

And as you probably already know, video marketing is the #1 strategy being used today. But the key to it is making sure your target audience watches your videos, and that’s what video marketing products do.

So, what about MediaFast and our products? First, to give you a break from reading, we’d like to present a short video from Amy Hafen, President of MediaFast. Then we’ll explain more.

Explaining MediaFast’s Philosophy and Prices

To explain our prices, products, and our philosophy behind them, here is Amy Hafen, President and owner of MediaFast.

MediaFast is Certified as Women Owned

At MediaFast, we make strong efforts to help our community and culture. Being certified by the WBENC as Women Owned is an important accomplishment, and definitely an honor.

Why? Because in today’s world where men still get paid more and receive more recognition than women for the same work and performance, we want MediaFast to be another example of why that should change.

Having said that, we’d like to share a little about our company and the great people who work at it.

MediaFast is made up of women and men who value having good relationships with their kids, spouses, friends, and co-workers. Many of us donate our time and resources to help coach and support youth sports teams, dance teams, and other groups focused on teaching the values of responsibility, commitment, purpose, and teamwork.

We’re also fortunate to be made up of people who are kind and honest, which makes them great role models.

In addition, we prioritize charity. We feel blessed for our circumstances, and because of it, we’ve donated thousands of dollars and hours of our time for many years to help people who will benefit from our support. To learn more, visit MediaFast Giving Back.

And to clarify, the men who work for our company are valued and appreciated. They’re also treated fairly.

It’s just that for all of the big decisions that have been made, work processes that have been conducted, and daily operations of our company, we all contribute equally according to our job descriptions.

Our success has been terrific, and most of our leaders are women. So, the idea of them getting paid less or receiving less recognition just isn’t right. And we hope to be an example for change.

Highly Effective Way To Engage Your Target Audience

Wouldn’t you love to get your voice in the room with your target audience? And wouldn’t you love it even more if they enjoyed how you did it?

Assuming you answered yes to those rhetorical questions, the following video shows how to make that happen.

One Telling Fact About MediaFast and Its Competitors

Here’s what we believe is a telling fact about MediaFast and its competitors. However, before writing it, we first want to mention that we’re not doing this to brag. We respect our competitors and wish them well. We also respect competition, and we’re motivated by it.

That said, this is just helpful information for prospective and current clients, and we’d be remised not to mention it.

So here goes: Our top 5 competitors combined can’t hit 20% of our volume per month.

How do we know that? Because just like them, we get information from manufacturers in the industry.

Also, at MediaFast, we believe in focusing on our client’s ROI, not our own.

As Amy stated in the video above, we don’t want to just sell customers one of our products. Instead, we want to sell them the right video brochure, video mailer, or video box that fits in their budget and includes the elements they need to accomplish their goals.

To determine that, it’s best if we have a conversation first. Not to help us make more money, but to help ensure they get what they want and need.

Plus, our consultant-style, white-glove sales approach is low pressure and easy-going. If a prospective client has lots of questions or needs to have long talks, we’re happy to provide that with respect and patience. We’re also happy to give advice and share examples.

In fact, each month we give out hundreds of free samples so qualified prospects can see how the quality of our products compares to our competitors. Again, they’re FREE, and we keep ourselves available for conversations to help prospective clients make decisions.

To learn more, click About Us.

Other Differences Between MediaFast and Competitors

At MediaFast, all of our products are made with only brand new, Grade-A components. That ensures top quality, and makes them extremely reliable. We also include a one-year full warranty, and last we checked, we’re the only company in our industry who does that.

Plus, we don’t lock video content on the units. Even though our competitors do, the components we utilize give us the option not to, so we don’t. Why? Because we believe our clients should be able to change video content whenever they want. Not only does that mean they don’t have to pay for new units to deliver a different message, but it also saves them money while creating less waste.

And, we have a recycling program. To take advantage of it, all anyone who’s finished with a video marketing product has to do is mail it to us. Then we’ll get it to a manufacturer who will recycle or repurpose it, and we all feel great about that.

After reading this, if you’d like to learn more about how MediaFast compares to its competitors, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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