How Much Do Video Brochures Cost?

How much do video brochures cost is a common question. Finding an answer online is about as difficult as dribbling a football (not a fĂștbol, which bounces up and down easily). It quickly becomes frustrating and soon doesn’t even seem possible.

Well, as elusive as it may be, here is the simple answer:  Depending on the size of the screen, amount of memory, life of the battery and quantity ordered, the average cost is between $25 to $55 each.

For such a tremendous marketing tool, $25 to $55 per piece is not very expensive. It may seem like it when compared to traditional printed brochures and other forms of print marketing, but it isn’t when compared to other digital devices. Furthermore, when analyzing the success rates companies are having with video brochures versus other forms of marketing, video brochures create the best ROI by a substantial margin.

Video Brochures Are Made Out Of Cell Phone Components

Why video brochures cost between $25 to $55 on average is fairly simple to explain. They are made out of cell phone components, and cell phones are much more expensive than video brochures.

According to an article from, the average true cost of a cell phone is $549. It is very common for cell phone carriers to subsidize the cost of a phone in exchange for a multi-year agreement with a customer to maintain service with them. The cost upfront is usually between $50 to $100 with the rest of the cost for the phone spread out in monthly payments. Granted, cell phones have more capabilities than video brochures, but video brochures don’t cost nearly as much.

It also makes sense to point out the cost of some other handheld digital devices. The average cost of a portable DVD player is between $50 to $100. The average cost of a low-quality tablet, even though they get much more expensive, is also between $50 to $100. Interestingly, according to an article from, the average cost of a new pager restricted to numeric-only messages is $30 to $50. The article also pointed out that hospitality pagers used by restaurants to alert diners when their table is ready cost between $500 to $1200.

More could be listed here, but none of the digital devices capable of accomplishing what a video brochure can accomplish are as inexpensive as $25 to $55 per piece. Are video brochures worth the money? Yes… easily.

Video Content On Video Brochures Can Be Changed

Video brochures are impressive pieces of technology with customized video and print for any company. What most people don’t know is the video content can be easily changed and kept relevant without new brochures having to be created. In a simple process, new videos can be loaded through a Mac or PC whenever desired. Also, the batteries are rechargeable to further extend the life of each unit.

As an added benefit, since they are viewed more as novelty items and not throw-away marketing pieces, recipients tend to treat them carefully. The result is they last for long periods of time and can be kept updated as long as an owner desires to use them.

When considering how much video brochures cost, their ability to be reprogrammed and reused must be factored in with the original purchase price.

Video Brochures Reach More Potential Customers

When considering the cost of video brochures, it is important to include that recipients regularly share them with others. Research indicates they are watched in groups of 5 or more, which further increases their value.

Video Brochures Help Create Follow Up Appointments

One of the greatest challenges reported by salespeople is getting follow-up appointments. Video brochures impress targeted recipients and allow salespeople to speak less and listen more. Recipients appreciate that and are then able to hold, watch and listen to a company controlled message presented in an optimal way without a salesperson having to be present. Naturally, as a result of leaving a video brochure, a salesperson can use the opportunity to further discuss their products or services when they retrieve it.

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