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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Tradesmen International.

How Much Does Size Matter With Video Brochures?

In marketing today, video brochures perform like superstars. The combination of audio and visual helps them deliver messages in practically an incomparable manner, and the ROI they produce reflects it when compared to other marketing pieces.

How Much Does Size Matter With Video Brochures?

We often have customers contemplating what size to choose when designing their video brochures. The truth is sometimes size does matter and sometimes it doesn’t (just like with many objects in life). With regards to video brochures, I’ll do my best to explain it with a few examples.

Just like there are times when big is best, there are also times when it isn’t. The same can be said for small. For example, a big screen goes well in a large theater room designed to hold 10 people or more when movies are being played, but it doesn’t work well in a trailer house. I once knew a guy who bought a big screen TV because he thought it would be cool to have one, but then he regretted it immediately when he set it up in his trailer house and started watching shows on it because it was simply way too big.

Similarly, there are times when small is best because sometimes big comes across as gaudy or a waste. Big objects aren’t as convenient in some instances as well. For example, bigger size cell phones, at least in my opinion, fit this description because the ones with bigger screens are harder to carry and/or fit in pockets. Average size screens work just as well and are more convenient to carry.

When Size Matters with Video Brochures

First and foremost, when trying to determine the ideal screen size of a video brochure, it is especially important to know your target audience. If they have a hard time seeing or reading content on smaller platforms, a bigger screen would be best. The opposite is true for people who can see well and might think a smaller unit is more convenient or classy. Regardless, for a video brochure to look its best, the screen size needs to fit well esthetically with the overall size of the unit.

Also, when trying to determine what screen size would be ideal, it is helpful to know the number of pixels in the video content that will be used. Pixels directly impact image quality, and the more pixels required to fill a screen, the higher the cost. The bigger the screen, the more pixels are required to portray a finer image quality.

With screen size in mind, a 4″ HD screen is considered to be the preferred choice throughout the video brochure industry. It provides excellent image quality and keeps the price down, and most viewers are completely satisfied with this screen size. The next most popular screen sizes are the 7″ HD followed by the 5″ HD.

Regardless, FEEDBACK INDICATES SCREEN SIZE DOES NOT EFFECT ROI (more on this below). To clarify, in all of the years we’ve been working with video brochures, we have yet to come across any data that indicates screen size helps or hurts ROI in any case.

With regards to memory size, when determining what is ideal in a video brochure, it is best to know how long the video content will be on each unit. Here are some standard memory sizes with the amount of video content they can typically hold: 128 MB (15 mins), 256 MB (30 mins), 512 MB (1 Hr), 1 GB (2 Hrs), 2 GB (4 Hrs), 4 GB (9 Hrs), 8 GB (18 Hrs). When considering which option to choose, especially if your video brochures will be used for marketing, please keep in mind that the most effective videos tend to last less than a minute. In fact, the ideal length is about 30 seconds, and less is even better. To learn more, click this link: How Long Should Your Video Be For Best Results?

With this in mind, we’ve found a sufficient amount of memory in video brochures is one of the lower capacity options. 1 GB is considered completely excessive in most cases.

Something else to consider when determining the size of the components in video brochures is weight. Weight can have a major affect on postage if the plan is to mail them (video mailers).

When Size Does Not Matter with Video Brochures

When measuring ROI, as stated above, feedback from our customers indicates the size of video brochures does not matter. As long as the screen size looks good with the entire unit and there is enough memory to hold the video content, size doesn’t seem to affect how well video brochures perform.

With that said, companies need to know what message they are trying to send and how they want to present it to their target audience. They also need to know their target audience so they can present their message in a way the audience will understand and appreciate.

For example, high dollar industries need to keep in mind that if they present their messages in smaller marketing pieces, they run the risk of not getting noticed and/or coming across as cheap. This doesn’t mean they have to go big. They just need to go not small. On the other hand, if marketing pieces are too big, then time, space, and money might have been wasted when a smaller unit would have performed just as well or better.

Legitimately, while there are several factors to consider when trying to determine what size of video brochure will be best for its intended purpose, with the proper perspective, it becomes fairly easy.

MediaFast Video Brochures Are Ideal For Many Purposes

Let’s face it – people simply don’t read much anymore. Instead, they prefer watching videos, which is one of the main reasons why video brochures perform so well.

To learn more about video brochures and their sizes, click the following link: Video Brochure Templates  Keep in mind though, we can custom make video brochures in practically any size.

To find out more about video brochures or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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