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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Fairview New Homes.

How Much Video Can I Put In A Video Brochure?

We get asked fairly often, “How much video can I put in a Video Brochure?” The simple answer is a couple of hours worth, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The best approach is usually just to say as little as possible while also keeping viewers interested so they’ll contact you. Then you’ll have your best chance to close a sale with them.

Why Shorter Videos Are Better In Video Brochures

Sharing a video in a Video Brochure is an excellent way to get a target audience to watch it. The combination of audio and visual in videos has a powerful affect on viewers, and videos have become the preferred method for most consumers to learn about companies as well as their products, services, and opportunities.

With that said, the exact purpose the video will serve and who its ideal viewers will be are the two most important things to know when determining the length of a video. Then, regardless of how long the video content becomes, which we’ll get into next, the most effective strategy is to remain focused mainly on that purpose. At the same time, it’s extremely helpful to remember that people make the majority of their purchasing decisions based on what they believe they’ll gain, not what someone else tells them or finds interesting. Because of this, the best videos show viewers how they’ll benefit instead of presenting a ton of details about products, services, or opportunities.

To make this even more basic, here’s another way to look at it. While talking about statistics, intricate product details, company philosophies and other background information might be highly interesting to some people, those topics aren’t nearly as interesting to the majority of consumers. For people who strongly desire to know more about them, companies can use other videos to satisfy that part of a sales process. However, to be the most effective in sales and marketing, the best videos initially help prospects envision themselves using whatever is being sold to make their lives better. If it will solve their problems or improve their lives, most prospects will want to buy it.

On the other hand, if videos go on too long or present too much information, viewers often lose interest. There’s a lot of truth to the philosophy that the more information a consumer is given in the early stages of a buying process, the more likely they are to talk themselves out of making a purchase. Therefore, shorter videos are better most of the time.

30 Seconds Is The Ideal Commercial Length

Another answer we like to use when we get asked about how long videos should be in Video Brochures is this: 30 Seconds Is The Ideal Commercial Length. Rather than reinvent the wheel, hundreds of case studies have proven that thirty seconds of information in a commercial is the optimal amount to keep a prospective buyer interested enough to consider making a purchase. After that amount of time, it has been proven that people stop paying attention as well for one reason or another.

Important points to consider when determining the length of a video in a Video Brochure:

  • The purpose of your video is to get consumers to contact you so you’ll get a chance to close a sale with them.
  • You can segment your information into separate videos that can be included in a Video Brochure so your most interested prospects won’t feel overloaded.
  • The most successful videos keep prospects engaged without being long enough to outlast the average attention span.
  • Keeping video content emotional instead of analytical produces much better results.
  • Analytical, explainer type videos should be separate and referred to as such.

According to what we’ve learned over the past five years or so, a Video Brochure provides an outstanding way to engage a targeted prospect. In addition to being an impressive, modern piece of technology, a Video Brochure has the ability to say a lot in a short period of time. Decision-makers tend to share them with other people who influence their decisions, and they’re phenomenal door-openers.

To purchase a Video Brochure that will help you and your team capitalize the most on videos, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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