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How Product Packaging Makes An Impact On Sales

Product packaging makes an impact on sales, and it’s fairly substantial. For instance, there are benefits for companies whose product packaging attracts the eyes of consumers. It also protects products during transit, in stores, and while customers are using them. Companies who use a higher level of quality in their packaging usually make more sales because of it.

Six Ways Product Packaging Makes An Impact On Sales

  1. Product packaging protects products. Companies spend valuable time and money on research and development for the products they offer. They also spend valuable resources on marketing. With that said, some would benefit greatly from investing more in packaging since damage occurs during shipping, while in stores, and throughout normal use by consumers. In addition to resulting in lost revenue, poor packaging also creates unhappy customers. For example, when products become un-usable due to their packaging not being durable enough to withstand normal use in normal conditions, it drastically reduces the number of repeat buyers.
  2. Consumers are drawn to product packaging. Brands often sell more products because of the product packaging they use. For example, it can be assumed that face wash will clean a person’s face and toothpaste will clean their teeth. However, when shopper are standing in a store in front of many different brands trying to figure out which one to buy, product packaging is the first thing they notice. Packaging that grabs their attention and highlights its product’s value often creates more sales.
  3. It reflects a level of quality. The integrity, quality and legitimacy of products are generally portrayed in the quality of their packaging. An easy way to explain this is to have someone think of a product they feel is of high quality that they could purchase at a retail store. If it was being sold in a plain paper bag, how would it affect their confidence in purchasing it, especially if it’s a product they’ve never used? More than likely they would question it’s integrity, as well as its quality and legitimacy. Then they would choose an alternative option they could easily learn more about. However, when product packaging is attractive, of good integrity, and communicates an appealing, believable value proposition to prospective buyers, the product it represents is usually purchased more often.
  4. Product packaging displays useful information. Consumers generally appreciate companies who place messages on product packaging to inform them of facts and other valuable information about products they are thinking about buying. Precise, trustworthy information is helpful. And awareness of what they are buying helps consumers feel more confident about their choices.
  5. Product packaging influences consumers to spend a little more for higher quality. Many consumers prefer to purchase products that look pretty when displayed in their homes. This is especially true if a product is going to remain visible. Many shoppers also like to spend their money buying products from companies they believe align with their own beliefs and values. When companies present good looks and favorable values on product packaging, consumers will sometimes spend a little more money to buy what they sell.
  6. A poor level of quality results in lost revenue. For anyone who may think investing heavily in product packaging isn’t worth the time or money, it would be extremely wise to consider the lost revenue that results from poor packaging.

We Provide Excellent Product Packaging For Our Customers

In addition to valuing the time and money of our customers, we completely understand how product packaging impacts revenue. For companies to achieve the greatest possible results, the products they sell need to be packaged in a way to make their most likely customers feel confident about buying them.

Furthermore, with everything we sell, we keep ourselves on the cutting-edge of technology. That includes the packaging we use. For everyone of our products, we only use brand new, Grade A components from excellent manufacturers. At the same time, customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

To benefit from how product packaging makes an impact on sales, or to learn more about the Video Marketing Products we sell, contact us today.

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