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How Spot UV Impacts Video Marketing Products

With regards to designing Video Marketing Products, Spot UV is a printing option that enhances their appearance by making logos and other design elements “pop”. It also increases the perceived value of each piece and helps them stand out more, which definitely affects their performance.

Explaining Spot UV and how it works

Without getting technical, Spot UV is a method for coating design elements on printed materials. While it can improve design on white paper or card stock, it makes its greatest impact on color because it enhances shine and protects it by keeping moisture out.

Perhaps the best way to explain Spot UV is to show visuals. With that in mind, here are some examples you can click on to enlarge:

Size: 14 x 11 x 2 – Screen: 10.01″
Video Brochure 004
Video Brochure 281
Video Brochure 278
Video Brochure 272
Video Brochure 263
Video Brochure 264
Video Brochure 248
Video Brochure 229

To explain a little more, the “Spot” in Spot UV refers to how designers and printers can use it on only parts of a printed piece, which basically gives them a toy to play with to upgrade their work.

Also, as an added bonus, little or no varnish turns into gas that can escape into the open air when Spot UV is used. Therefore, it is considered environmentally friendly.

The impact of using Spot UV

Effectively, Spot UV coating has one of the most brilliant effects on marketing materials. It creates eye catching design that shines, and it ultimately impacts the amount of attention marketing pieces get from prospects. Since so much marketing occurs in today’s world, it can basically be the difference-maker in how well a marketing piece performs because it can turn a dull look into a much more attractive one.

However, the application of it is time consuming and it definitely increases printing costs. When considering it, companies should weigh those costs against the improved results it can deliver. Some people believe it’s undeniably worth it while others believe they can achieve the same results without it. One thing we can’t deny though is that with Spot UV coating, traditional business cards, Video Business CardsVideo BrochuresVideo MailersVideo Sample and Gift BoxesPOP DisplaysPrint Packaging and other Promotional Items simply make a better first impression.

Also, Spot UV helps increase brand recognition for companies. In marketing, it can be extremely helpful to remember that branding is a long-term investment. Not only does it impact ROI from individual marketing pieces, but it strongly affects the total amount of revenue a company receives year after year as well.

How the use of Spot UV has impacted our customers

To help video marketing products “pop”, there aren’t many better design strategies than to use Spot UV. Our customers who have used it through the years have loved how it seemed to improve their results, and we can help your company do the same.

When thinking about revenue and marketing, the revenue generated from marketing definitely has a huge impact on companies. In addition to creating new sales and attracting new customers, it also helps companies keep the customers they already have. Spot UV simply enhances their marketing materials so they’ll have a better chance to stand out, outperform competitors, and produce results like what executives envision when they decide which marketing materials and strategies to use.

To learn more about Spot UV coating or any of the marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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