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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Sysco.

How To Attract Visitors At Conventions Like Using A TV Commercial

Have you ever wished your company could attract visitors at conventions in a way practically as effective as a TV commercial? Well, the way to do it is by using a Video Brochure, and here’s how.

How To Attract Prospects At Conventions

Thankfully, the world is starting to conduct business mostly like normal again after COVID-19 compromised interactions in many ways. Conventions are starting to happen again. And, social interaction is very close to being back to normal.

With that said, Video Brochures are cutting-edge marketing products that help businesses increase consumer awareness and boost sales in a way practically as effective as a TV commercial. In fact, for recipients, they basically feel like holding a TV commercial in their hands. Here’s a video showing them in action in case you aren’t familiar with them.

Now that you’ve seen that, here’s how they attract visitors at conventions to specific booths. Basically, event organizers work with vendors to leave them in hotel rooms of convention guests. Since many conventions are held at hotels and the event organizers book the rooms for attendees, this is easy for them to do.

The Benefits Of Using Video Brochures At Conventions

Among many things they do well, Video Brochures provide an excellent way for companies to communicate with a target audience. They’re outstanding for engaging prospects, and they definitely produce sales. Seriously, they’re far more effective than pamphlets, flyers, and business cards.

One of the primary reasons they’re so effective is that they capitalize on the power of videos. Videos produce some of the most effective marketing ever, and because of it, consumers respond better to them than most other forms of communication.

Essentially, Video Brochures get people excited about specific products, services, and opportunities. When distributed at conventions, they can be event focused. They can also be used to advertise gifts and samples that will be given away at booths. Or, they can be used to increase attention on special promotions and discounts.

Regardless of how they’re used, videos provide companies with one of the very best ways to engage their target audience. Consumers appreciate them, and executives seek them out when trying to find ways to improve their companies and/or their lives. What Video Brochures do is get them in the hands of targeted prospects to help ensure they’ll watch them.

Also, as an added bonus, when recipients return Video Brochures, users can reuse them. The videos are easy to change. And, unlike our competitors, we do not lock the original video content after we load it into each unit for our customers. By the way, we don’t charge for that either. This allows them to update their units whenever they want, and it’s a super easy process. To learn how, click this link: How To Change Video Content On Video Brochures

How Video Brochures Are Like TV Commercials

As a way to increase sales and exposure like a TV commercial, Video Brochures are excellent. But, they’re much less expensive, and recipients find them too interesting to ignore. They also increase the perceived value of products, services, and opportunities. And, they have a way of turning average salespeople into great salespeople. For these and other reasons, there really isn’t a much better way for companies to ensure their videos get watched by prospects they believe are their most-likely-customers.

As well, in the digital age we live in, people have transitioned away from reading. Instead, they prefer to listen to audio or watch videos because they’re more efficient and enjoyable. Also, watching them feels like less work. As a result, videos have become increasingly relied upon in business.

So, why has this happened? Because videos combine images with sound and motion to create better mental connections between viewers and presenters. They also increase trust since people find it easier to believe what they see and hear. And, they enable presenters to explain products, services, and opportunities more thoroughly, and in less time. For these reasons, companies who use videos in their marketing and advertising tend to enjoy better results than they do with other strategies.

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can attract visitors at conventions, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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