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How To Be Better At Closing Sales

Following all of the many ways to go about selling, there comes a point when closing sales becomes necessary. Those who are good at closing sales reap great benefits from it. Those who are not good at closing sales miss out because of it. Let’s face it, almost anytime we are trying to gain something in life, whether it pays financially or in some other way, we are in sales.

Sales can be fun. The emotional rush can become addicting, and sales as a profession can pay extremely well. In life, being good at sales often helps people get what they want even if they aren’t selling for money.

With that said, mastering the following technique can help just about anyone become better at closing sales.

Step 1

To lead up to the closing point, hopefully the potential buyer has sampled the product or service enough to develop an emotional connection. An emotional connection strengthens desires. That’s why potential buyers get to test drive cars and food chains give out samples.

If necessary, videos do an excellent job of creating emotional connections. They are especially helpful if the potential buyer is not able to get a first hand experience of what they are thinking about purchasing.

Step 2

Throughout the entire sales process, it is critical for the potential buyer’s needs to remain the primary focus. What’s in it for them is what their mind will continually focus on. When salespeople focus much on themselves or their company’s accomplishments instead of what their product or service can do for the potential buyer, often sales are lost.

To highlight this, I’m reminded of a scene from a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. In it, he is sitting at a table full of guys when one of them claims he can sell anything to anyone. To find out, DiCaprio pulls a pen out of his pocket and challenges the guy to sell it. Stumped, the guy fails miserably. Then DiCaprio challenges another guy. Immediately, the second guy took the pen and then told DiCaprio to write his name down on a napkin. Without the pen, DiCaprio wasn’t able to write his name. Then, emphasizing how nobody likes the feeling of needing to write something down without being able to find something to write with, he is able to sell the pen.

Step 3

Here is where the biggest difference is made. It is critical for the closing conversation to begin on an assumptive and positive note while asking for the deal right away. Salespeople would be shocked by how many potential buyers are ready to purchase immediately if they would just ask for the sale right away in the close.

Here is how it works:

Do not provide any opportunities for them to stall or put you off by saying something like “Hi, this is ____ with so-n-so company. How are you? The reason I’m contacting you is to follow up on the proposal (or information or demo, etc.) I gave you. Did you have a chance to review it?”

By doing this, it gives control of the conversation to the potential buyer and provides an easy chance for them to put you off or not share their real intentions. Some people just have a hard time saying “no” even when they have no intention of saying “yes”. To close a sale, the sooner you know where they stand and what they’re thinking, the sooner you’ll know what direction to steer the conversation to make the sale happen.

Instead, say something like “Hi ____. This is ____ with so-n-so company. I’ve been looking forward to getting back with you and getting you started with our (fill in your product or service). I believe you’ll be as happy and satisfied as my other clients. Now, I’m sure you reviewed the proposal (or information or demo) I gave you, and I’m sure you can see how it will satisfy your (whatever their wants or needs may be). My question is: do you want to make monthly payments or pay up front? (Or, do you want to buy 50 or 100? Or, do you want to add any upgrades or go with the original? Or, how soon do you need the delivery?)

Then be quiet and listen. It may be hard, but at this point it is important to be quiet and let them respond.

The results:

You’ll be thrilled with the results, and this technique accomplishes so many things:

  • You will never scare away a real buyer.
  • It begins the closing conversation in a confident and positive way.
  • If you remain friendly and supportive of their decision even if they say “no”, you can prevent yourself from coming across as arrogant and keep the door open for a good relationship.
  • You prevent them from stalling when they may already know what they are going to do.
  • You’ll know right away where they stand and you can proceed from there.

If you believe in what you’re selling, do your best to get past the fear of being told “no” if it worries you. Depending on what you’re selling, you may hear “no” more times than “yes” for reasons that shouldn’t be rejecting to you. As long as you’re polite and not overbearing, this technique will not offend anyone.

For information on how our products can help you shorten a sales cycle and be better at sales, please contact us. With our products and this technique, your success at closing sales will surely increase.

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