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How To Be Good At Marketing – Use Videos

In this day and age, companies are marketing with videos to successfully engage and influence consumers.

A case study performed by Diode Digital revealed that more than 60% of online researchers will watch a video if available. Consumers believe companies who use videos in marketing know how to better connect with them, and prospective buyers often expect videos about products or services they are considering purchasing to be available.

Videos increase exposure and raise awareness

In the past decade, companies have learned consumers strongly prefer watching videos over reading text about products or services. Also, if made well and shared with the right people, videos can be as profitable as TV commercials.

Forrester Research reported one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Also, a survey conducted by Animoto revealed 80% of consumers feel videos demonstrating products and services make a stronger impact on them than looking at still images or simply reading or listening about them.

The following video about Mediabuk (also owned by us) provides a great example of how effective videos can be for demonstrating products and services.

Videos are ideal for demonstrations

Videos engage more senses in humans and increase how much they remember when learning. Furthermore, after watching a video about a product or service, viewers are much more likely to buy.

The following videos provide a great example of how effective videos can be for product and service demonstrations.

Videos now strongly impact levels of success

Videos make performing a lot of necessary activities more convenient, efficient, and usually less expensive when all of the costs are considered. They are ideal for sharing testimonials, fundraising, sales, training, motivating, recruiting and branding.

In the digital age we live in, videos being available for potential buyers strongly impacts how much success companies enjoy.

To learn more about how MediaFast can help you and your company with video marketing, contact us today.

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