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How To Best Use Marketing Videos While Social Distancing

While social distancing is being strongly encouraged, marketing videos can make an even greater impact than they did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The key to success is getting them viewed by the right people, and companies who have figured out how to do that are enjoying great results.

How To Best Use Marketing Videos While Social Distancing

Marketing videos have been extremely popular since about 2013. In addition to being exceptional at grabbing attention, they’re also most people’s preferred method for learning about products or services they might decide to purchase.

As the number of videos available have increased, the biggest problem marketers are facing is finding ways to get their target audience to watch and respond to them. To help alleviate this challenge, here is some helpful advice.

  • It’s best to produce video content that keeps viewers “right brained”. What that means is rather than having viewers think very much to process data or listen to statistics, it’s better to arouse emotions and stir feelings. What usually happens when this strategy is used is that viewers feel more connected emotionally to what they’re seeing and hearing. Then they are left wanting to know more. On the other hand, when people are made to think when watching videos that present specific details about products, services, or opportunities, they often talk themselves out of being interested any longer. Basically, if learning about it feels like work or if all of their curiosities are satisfied too quickly, many potential customers lose interest. Not only does this happen in business, but it also happens with people trying to make personal connections for dating or friendship purposes.
  • Shorter videos that include a clear call-to-action work best. The combination of sound and motion with images in videos enables producers to present more information in less time. Fortunately, because attention spans seem to be shorter than ever and because people seem to feel more busy in general, shorter videos are more likely to get paid attention to from start to finish than longer ones. As a matter of fact, studies indicate that the ideal length of marketing videos is somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds. With that said, companies who want to present more can always present additional information in additional videos. After all, at the very beginning of relationships, the goal should usually be to keep the other person interested rather than giving them enough information to satisfy too many of their curiosities or push them away.
  • Clearly show viewers what they’ll gain if they buy what you’re selling. Truly, what most consumers are interested in more than anything else when making purchasing decisions is how their lives will improve if they buy whatever it is they’re considering. Usually, the most effective commercials focus on this concept most of all. While learning about aspects of companies like their histories or philosophies may be interesting, sales tend to happen more often when the primary focus of sales pitches is how the product or service being presented will alleviate challenges or improve the lives of users.

Videos Get More Attention In Video Marketing Products

As effective as videos can be, Video Marketing Products have proven to get target audiences to pay more attention to videos intended for their attention. ROI with Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes is outstanding, and when companies use them, they usually enjoy greater results because their most likely customers see and hear their marketing messages more often.

In addition to creating more attention on videos, video marketing products rarely ever get screened out before reaching decision-makers. Then, decision-makers tend to share them with other decision-makers and co-workers who influence their decisions. What other marketing products actually do that?

To learn more about video marketing or any of the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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