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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Quincy Compressor.

How To Boost Sales With Video Brochures

Video brochures have become some of the most powerful sales tools companies can use. Regardless of what products, services or opportunities they’re used to promote, chances are they’ll substantially boost sales for companies who use them.

How To Boost Sales With Video Brochures

Here are four suggestions to help companies boost sales with video brochures:

  1. Have a specific message. The more specific a message is in a video brochure, the better. For example, this blog is titled “How To Boost Sales With Video Brochures”. It’s specific and informs readers what this post is clearly about. However, if it was titled “Why Video Brochures Are Amazing” or “Why Video Brochures Are Valuable”, that would make it vague and probably not as appealing.
  2. Show value to potential buyers. People usually make purchases because of what they believe they’ll gain. How the product, service or opportunity will impact their life is what they’re most interested in. Because of this, the best sales videos present real concrete value in short videos and then invite prospects to dive deeper into what they’re being shown by downloading a webinar or E-Book or by scheduling a phone call or video chat.
  3. Increase sales by generating leads. To generate leads, having a call to action in the video is necessary. Easy, user-friendly software is available to make this happen with forms where viewers can enter their email address right on the screen while they’re watching. Another option would be to require viewers to enter their email address before they can watch the video, but they might not be interested enough at that point. Some software used for this purpose can even connect to the marketing software or CRMs of companies and record the leads they receive right into their systems.
  4. Make the video brochure fun. Boring sales videos rarely ever accomplish much. According to research, approximately ten seconds is all companies have if a video isn’t interesting enough before viewers click away or stop paying attention. To keep viewers watching and focused, it is necessary to grab their attention with something entertaining or out of the ordinary and then quickly show them the value being offered. By far and away, people are more interested in how something will improve their circumstances or impact their lives than anything else. Beware, though, that sometimes humor can be offensive and/or distracting and cause a message to be completely ineffective (or sometimes even backfire).

By following these four suggestions, we’ve seen companies enjoy great success in sales with video brochures.

MediaFast Video Brochures Boost Sales

In the digital world we live in, video brochures have become an excellent way to boost sales. They’re highly effective because they engage more senses and arouse more emotions, and they’re effective at creating a connection between companies and viewers.

On top of that, prospects who receive them feel honored that someone thought highly enough of them to present such an impressive electronic device in an effort to gain their business. Recipients also find it hard to resist sharing them with other decision-makers and people who influence them, which simply doesn’t happen with other forms of marketing, and they increase the perceived value of what is being presented and who is presenting it.

At MediaFast, we’ve seen first hand how video brochures provide an outstanding way for companies to get the attention of a target audience. We also understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely on products and strategies that will help them generate profits. From what we’ve seen, video brochures do that extremely well.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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