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How To Determine The Appropriate Length For Your Marketing Video

If it feels challenging to determine the appropriate length for your marketing video, you’re not alone. Many professionals find it difficult. Even ones who work in marketing still aren’t sure sometimes. Why? Because they often feel like they have a lot to say. And, sometimes they simply forget to look at it mainly from a consumer’s perspective.

With that said, the answer depends mostly on what the content, viewing platform, and purpose will be. Since our company sells Video Marketing Products, the information below will focus mostly on videos that should be used in Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Gift and Sample Boxes, and Point of Purchase Displays.

When Short Videos Are Best

First, it’s important to point out that if a video doesn’t grab the attention of viewers within about 10 seconds, many of them will lose interest. This is mainly due to the fact that attention spans are shorter now, and videos are everywhere, which makes them less novel.

At the same time, if a video does grab attention, reports indicate that many viewers will lose focus within about 20 to 30 seconds anyway, which means short videos are often better. However, if the video is about something that will improve their lives, AND the presentation focuses mostly on what they’ll gain, they’re more likely to continue paying attention. There is one rule-of-thumb to remember though: Giving too much information early on often gives consumers a reason to lose interest. As the motto says, “It’s better to keep them guessing,” which is just as true in marketing as it is in any other aspect of life.

With that said, a highly effective strategy is to use more than one video. Keep the first one about 20 to 30 seconds. Then the next one can be a little longer, and the next one a little longer than that, and so on. If consumers continue to be interested, they’ll keep watching. Remember, the combination of images with sound and motion enables videos to say and show a lot of information in a short period of time. To learn more, click this link: Making Sense Of The World, Several Senses At A Time.

Explainer Videos, How-To’s, And Product Demos Can Be Short

Consumers often search for videos when researching products, services, and opportunities. On top of that, many executives seek out videos when they’re trying to find ways to improve their companies. In both cases, sometimes they want highly detailed information, and other times they don’t.

In any case, from a marketing perspective, here are the two most important things to remember:

  1. Potential buyers are always mostly interested in what something will do for them if they buy it.
  2. If a video doesn’t grab their attention and remain focused on how something will benefit them, they’ll find a video from a different company that does and probably buy from them instead.

The point is, time is valuable. Also, everyone values their own time whether someone else does or not. Videos that give consumers what they want to know, and do it quickly, tend to produce better results. On the other hand, videos that give them statistics, company information that doesn’t affect them, and humor that they didn’t go searching for often perform poorly.

Furthermore, regarding humor in marketing, it’s usually best simply not to use it. Here’s why: Consumers prefer professionalism in those instances. Also, people get easily offended or don’t see things the same way. What might be funny to some isn’t funny to others. And, since viewers usually don’t know the presenters personally, their level of interest in spending time watching and listening to them is naturally lower. As a result, taking the risk of offending someone or turning them off simply isn’t worth it.

With all of this said, for explainer videos, how-to’s, and product demonstrations, it’s usually best to keep them short. Remember, you can always use more than one video for more detailed information if necessary.

When Long Videos Are Best

There are definitely times when a longer length for your marketing video is best. In this case, I’m considering long as exceeding one minute. Again, time is valuable and people are busy. Unless they’re super interested in what you’re selling, they’ll simply lose focus and move on.

With that in mind, here are times when longer videos are the best choice:

  • For explaining complex or abstract ideas. In these cases, animated videos tend to work best because they can bend the laws of nature. In addition, in many cases, they’re entertaining enough to keep people watching. Click this link to learn more: 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Animated Video
  • When the goal is to persuade others and supportive information will be included.
  • When presenting how-to instructions and processes that simply aren’t short.
  • Telling stories.
  • When presenting inspirational content.
  • Showing documentaries.
  • When presenting data, statistics, facts, and theories.

Get Excellent Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

Getting the length of a marketing video correct can make all the difference in how well it performs. Years of research has gone into studying this, and scientific research has made it possible for companies to choose what’s best for them with somewhat of a surety. Having said that, making this decision does feel challenging at times.

Regardless of what you decide, we have highly productive Video Marketing Products that companies have used with great success for several years now. Return on investment with them is reportedly outstanding, and we’ve seen them elevate companies to financial levels they’ve been thrilled to achieve.

Essentially, as effective as videos can be, our products simply increase the number of times targeted prospects watch them. As a result, when companies use them to engage their target audience, they’re usually thrilled with the results.

To purchase Video Marketing Products so your company can benefit from how productive they are, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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