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How To Get A Response To Your Marketing Videos

In today’s world, videos make a greater impact than most other forms of communication. While there are many reasons for this, the message for companies to understand is that they’re highly effective for many purposes and should definitely be used in business.

How To Get A Response To Your Marketing Videos

Videos first started becoming extremely popular in 2013 and have grown increasingly popular ever since. More and more videos have been produced each year, and now one big problem advertisers and marketers sometimes face is finding ways to get a target audience to respond to them. Here is some advice to help alleviate this challenge.

First, it’s helpful to keep viewers “right brained”. What that means is rather than having them process data, listen to statistics, or think very much at all, it’s better to engage their emotions and stir their feelings. The result of this is that viewers usually feel better connected to what they’ve seen and heard and want to know more. On the other hand, here is what happens when people are given very many details about products, services, or opportunities: They’re just as likely to talk themselves out of responding as they are into responding. For example, when one single person pursues another hoping to find romance, the more information they present early on, the less intrigued the other person often feels. If you’ve ever been pursued by someone who told you all about themselves in the very beginning of a relationship, you know exactly what I mean. Then, rather than focusing on their most attractive attributes, their less attractive attributes get just as much attention and it’s usually at that point you find yourself feeling less intrigued. At that point moving on feels easier, and they’re left wondering why they struggle to find love (or at least make a romantic connection that lasts with someone).

Next, shorter videos that emotionally engage viewers and end with a clear call-to-action work best. Videos combine images with sound and motion to enable more information to be presented in shorter periods of time. Fortunately, because people seem to be busier than ever and attention spans seem to be shorter, that’s a difference making attribute. Keep in mind there will be more time later for additional information to be presented to interested prospects. After all, the goal at the beginning of any relationship should be to keep targeted prospects interested rather than giving them enough information to push them away.

Finally, and this might be the most important point of all, clearly show them what they stand to gain. This is what viewers are most interested in, and this is what the most effective commercials show them more than anything. The point here is simply this: Not all commercials have to be outstanding. What they need to do is show viewers how their circumstances can be improved or their challenges can be alleviated by using what is being presented.

Video Marketing Products Increase Attention On Videos

Video marketing products have proven to be extremely effective at getting people to watch videos. ROI with them is outstanding, and when companies send them to their most likely customers, they increase the chances that the “right” people will see and hear their messages.

In addition to getting increased attention in mail rooms, mailboxes, and with receptionists, video marketing products rarely ever get screened out before reaching decision-makers. As an added bonus, decision-makers tend to share them with others who influence them, which helps them make an even greater impact because their messages get seen and heard in a firsthand manner.

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