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How To Get The Best Response To Video Mailers

Video Mailers have proven to draw a very good response from recipients, especially if the video content clearly tells them ways a product, service or opportunity can help them. The key is to get the video content right, and to target the right decision-makers with them.

How To Get The Best Response To Video Mailers

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already used or are considering using Video Mailers. We’ve seen them produce some amazing results over the past several years, and the majority of our customers who use them report very good ROI. For many of them, what made the biggest difference are the following suggestions in the strategy they used to produce the video content.

  • It helps to keep viewers “right brained”. Instead of having them think very much to process data or listen to statistics, it’s more effective to stir their feelings and arouse their emotions. What usually happens when emotions are aroused and mental connections are made is that viewers feel like learning more. On the other hand, when people are given very many statistics or details about products, services, or opportunities, they feel overloaded and often lose interest. Basically, when given what feels like information overload, prospects are just as likely to talk themselves out of responding as they are to talk themselves into responding.
  • Shorter videos with a clear call-to-action work best. In marketing, 30 seconds or less of video content is often best. People love videos, and two of the biggest reasons are because they’re efficient and they use images with sound and motion to engage many different senses. As a result, they feel like they take less effort to consume. On top of that, information presented in them seems easier to understand. However, after about 30 seconds is when most viewers get distracted or tune them out. Also, because videos are so effective at arousing emotions, they tend to get viewers to respond to calls-to-action more effectively than most other forms of communication. This is sometimes why infomercials televised in the middle of the night perform so well.
  • Clearly show viewers what they’ll gain. More than anything, viewers are interested in what they’ll gain by using a product or service. If they can see how it will improve their circumstances or reduce their challenges, they’ll most likely want to buy it. However, if the video content includes very much about a company’s history, values, statistics or scientific data, most consumers will lose interest fairly quickly.

Video Mailers From MediaFast Produce Great ROI

Video Mailers have proven to be extremely effective at engaging targeted prospects and getting positive responses from them. ROI with them is reportedly outstanding, and when companies send them to their most likely customers, they often make more sales.

In addition to getting increased attention on videos, Video Mailers rarely ever get screened out or set aside. As an added bonus, decision-makers often share them with co-workers and other executives who influence their decisions, which helps Video Mailers make an even greater impact on more people.

To learn more about Video Mailers or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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