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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for 866UNP.

How To Guarantee A Follow Up Appointment

In sales, knowing how to guarantee a follow up appointment can skyrocket closing opportunities. Getting follow up appointments with decision makers is often a salesperson’s biggest challenge, but using state-of-the-art digital marketing products from MediaFast provides a modern solution to help overcome that challenge.

How An Insurance Agent Succeeded

An insurance agent said his biggest hurdle was getting follow up appointments with decision makers after original meetings. He was great at meeting prospects and good in sales calls, but securing follow up appointments was a challenge he simply could not figure out how to overcome often.

Fortunately, someone shared a MediaFast video brochure with him and he figured out an easy solution.

In a meeting with MediaFast, he learned how dynamic and versatile video brochures are as sales tools. They are impressive state-of-the-art pieces of technology, and one sale usually recovers the $20 to $55 per unit it costs to have them. They sometimes practically make sales themselves. Video brochures are viewed as impressive, digital devices and not as advertising material that can be thrown away. They engage more senses with sight, sound and motion to make a greater impact on a viewer’s feelings. And, recipients remember more of what they see, hear and feel from a video brochure than they do when a salesperson engages them. Research has revealed that targeted recipients regularly share them with other decision makers, and through his own experience, the insurance agent found that to be true.

After the meeting, he discovered an affordable way to make two videos (there are many options). The first video is about four minutes long and addresses how most people feel at the moments they need their insurance, the importance of having insurance for health and financial reasons, and why it becomes an advantage to work with him. The second video is longer and filled with testimonials. Video brochures come with the ability to play more than one video, and the video content is easily reprogrammable with a Mac or PC.

Once his video brochures arrived, he was thrilled with their high quality. He shared them with others, who were also impressed, and made arrangements with everyone he left them with to pick them back up. With video brochures as part of his strategy, he made more sales faster and gained an advantage in making follow up appointments like he hoped. He quickly enjoyed the rewards of less pressure, more confidence, more exposure, and more productive meetings.

How Video Brochures Help Companies

Many companies who use video brochures believe they are worth every penny. From their reports, video brochures create the best return on investment.

Here are 5 ways video brochures help companies succeed:

  1. They make average salespeople great.
  2. The videos can be changed with any Mac or PC, which makes the video brochures reusable.
  3. Videos make messages more memorable.
  4. Companies maintain control over how their brand is presented.
  5. Recipients appreciate the convenience and feel compelled to share.

For these reasons and more, video brochures are definitely worth the money companies spend to have them. They are almost like having a bigger and more effective sales force because of how many advantages they provide to boost revenue.

To learn more about how your company can experience success similar to the insurance agent’s story above, contact us today!

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