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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Arccos Caddie.

How To Make A Point of Purchase Display Better

Using a Point of Purchase Display is a great way to increase revenue in retail locations. However, what has been discovered over the past few years is that including a video in a POP Display will help it attract more attention from consumers, which in turn will help it perform even better for store owners and suppliers.

Video Content Makes Point of Purchase Displays Better

Videos have the ability to accurately portray scenery, demonstrations, circumstances, sounds, actions and results with great detail. By combining images with sound and motion, they help consumers relate to what is being presented as well as increase trust. This is important because when people make purchases, they often make them based on how much confidence they feel in the product or service they’re considering.

With regards to Point of Purchase Displays, they should be attractive, amusing, well-placed, and never boring. If they are unattractive or boring, they might struggle to produce good results. On the other hand, people love attractive things and videos are hard to ignore. Since they can now be included in POP Displays, videos have helped them become much more attractive to consumers.

Coincidentally, mass manufacturers have learned how to put a video screen in almost anything. When thinking about marketing, marketing materials with a personalized approach and modern technology often perform better. Including videos in Point of Purchase Displays helps make them more modern, and the products or services displayed in them tend to sell more often because of it.

How Suppliers Benefit From Videos In POP Displays

For suppliers, including videos in Point of Purchase Displays can be the key to convincing store owners to place them in their stores. What tends to happen is that store owners and managers feel better about POP Displays that include videos, which increases the probability they’ll agree to use them. Often they understand the benefits of keeping their locations fresh and interesting. They also realize consumers sometimes simply won’t notice new products or services unless something interesting draws their attention to them. Point of Purchase Displays with videos definitely make that happen.

Also, sometimes shoppers need to be reminded of items they want or need but are simply forgetting to buy while they’re in stores. To help remind them, a Point of Purchase Display often does the trick. Not only do instances like this increase revenue for store owners, but they also help suppliers sell more merchandise in locations where their POP Displays are displayed. Effectively, having a video in a Point of Purchase Display is an easy way to increase the amount of attention it receives, which should help it give out more reminders.

On top of that, Point of Purchase Displays are excellent for increasing impulse purchases. Sometimes consumers see a product, service, or opportunity they would love to buy but probably never would have thought about if they hadn’t seen it highlighted in something like a POP Display. Basically, impulse purchases center around a consumer’s exposure to stimuli as well as their state of mind while shopping. When they feel certain emotions, consumers are more likely to make purchases that cater to their current mindset. Point of Purchase Displays, especially with videos, are excellent for affecting mindsets and increasing impulse purchases because of it.

Get Great Point of Purchase Displays From MediaFast

Strategically, a Point of Purchase Display gives store owners and suppliers a chance to increase sales before consumers leave their stores. The use of videos in them has proven to make them even more effective.

Financially, using a Point of Purchase Display is one of the most inexpensive ways for store owners and suppliers to promote their products or services. For consumers, when videos are included in them, they simply seem more appealing.

To learn more about videos or Point of Purchase Displays or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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