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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Jamis Prime.

How To Make Sure Your Video Gets Seen

By now, most of us are aware video content is super helpful, maybe even expected, and practically necessary for good marketing. What we might not know is how to make sure our video gets seen by our best prospects or most likely customers.

After spending the time and money to make a video, it’s natural for people to feel excited about what it might do to help their business. Usually, the first place people put their new video is on their website. Then they spend money in an effort to draw internet traffic to their website hoping to get more people to watch their new video. Afterwards, since that often doesn’t generate as much revenue as they’d hoped, the next step is to send the new video out in emails. Unfortunately, while sending emails with video content usually improves open and response rates, it still often doesn’t work well enough to generate the ROI they’d hoped it would generate.

So, if their best prospects or most likely customers won’t visit their website or open their emails, what can be done by a company to ensure their new video gets seen by the right people?

The answer is simple – video brochures. They’re less expensive than people might think, and they don’t make salespeople come across as pushy or obnoxious. Most recipients genuinely appreciate them, and they immediately spark excitement in targeted prospects and most likely customers.

The attention grabbing power of video brochures

Video brochures grab the attention of ideal viewers practically like nothing else in marketing. For recipients, they’re impossible to ignore. They generate a high level of curiosity, and they benefit from an immediate impression of novelty.

To keep the attention of viewers, a video starts playing immediately after video brochures are opened on an LCD screen that is built into the packaging. At that point, normally it is an ideal viewer watching the video because video brochures are generally distributed to targeted prospects.

As an added benefit, people view them as new-age marketing products they simply don’t see very often, and because of it, co-workers and decision-makers regularly share them with each other.

Also, because they feel valuable, recipients rarely throw them away. This alone helps video brochures have an even greater impact because they help marketers get follow-up appointments, which is often a key to success in business.

As effective as videos can be, they achieve very little if they aren’t seen by the right people. Video brochures put videos directly in the hands of ideal viewers, which means companies have the right people seeing and hearing their marketing messages.

Video brochures will make sure your video gets seen

Video brochures are the most effective and affordable form of video marketing being used today. They combine traditional brochures with LCD video screens to produce attention-grabbing presentations, and the results they’re producing are exceptional.

For between $20 and $65 per unit, companies can have video brochures to hand directly to their highly targeted prospects and most likely customers. In most cases, that is substantially less than they would pay for online promotions.

For companies who use video brochures, the ROI substantially outweighs the cost.

Furthermore, at MediaFast, we understand how companies getting the right people to watch their videos can drastically affect their revenue. For over 20 years, we’ve been making affordable, high quality marketing products to help companies succeed in their respective industries. Every product we sell is made with only brand new, Grade A components, and when companies hire us, we do all we can to help ensure they get the best quality and service with one goal in mind – complete satisfaction.

To learn more about video brochures or any of our other marketing products, contact us today.

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