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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for The Performance Code.

How To Make The Best Video For Your Video Brochure

To demonstrate the power of videos, we presented this month’s newsletter in video. Our two company owners, Amy Hafen and Bill Diaz, were the presenters. The topic was how to make the best video for your Video Brochure.

From our target audience, the response has been wonderful. We’ve received plenty of compliments, and creating it was a fun process for all of us.

Explaining The Power Of Videos

So, why did we make a video newsletter?

First of all, it’s no secret that people don’t like to read as much anymore. In addition, consumers want videos… And it’s good to give consumers what they want, right?

Second, we understand that the combination of images with sound and motion maximizes efficiency and entertainment. For example, if you imagine all of the motionless text and images it would take to simply show a person loading a bag of groceries versus how quickly a short clip can show it, you see the point. Especially if what was being loaded in the bag is being described, right?

Third, that combination also optimizes retention for viewers. Why? Because statistics show people remember far more about what they see and hear versus what they only see or only hear.

And finally, videos have the ability to create a stronger mental connection between companies and their target audience. For instance, don’t you appreciate being able to see people making presentations instead of just reading what they say? Also, doesn’t it feel more effective to see products or services being used instead of just reading about what they can do?

And finally, the goal of marketing is to plant something in the minds of consumers so they’ll think of your company when they’re considering buying whatever it is you sell, right? For that purpose, videos have proven to be superstars.

How To Make The Best Video For Your Video Brochure

So, rather than just tell you about it, here is this month’s newsletter so you can actually see it. To read the entire transcript, please click that link.

More About The Power Of Videos

Regarding that video, isn’t the part at the end from the distillery owner awesome? More than anything, it demonstrates the connection most of us feel when we watch a video as opposed to reading or looking at motionless content.

With that concept in mind, the power of videos is the main reason why Video Brochures, Video Boxes, and Video Mailers produce such amazing ROI.

It’s also why Video Marketing is the #1 strategy being used around the world, and why most successful companies rely on it.

For example, if given the choice between reading a traditional printed brochure or watching a video in a Video Brochure where both explain the same thing, which would you choose? Well, it’s an easy choice…at least for most folks.

To explain that concept simply, the way videos can say and show more information in less time makes them more appealing.

At the same time, for viewers, videos tend to escalate trust.

Plus, watching them feels like less work.

Then when you combine the fact that they make things easier to remember while also arousing emotions, it’s easy to understand how they have a way of motivating viewers to respond. In other words, calls-to-action in videos are more effective than in print.

Having said that, the biggest key to success with marketing videos is to find a way to ensure yours get watched by your target audience… And that’s where Video Brochures perform like superstars.

Examples Of Video Brochures

In case you’d like to see examples of some of these cutting-edge products we’ve created for clients, here’s a short clip.

Oh, and by the slim chance you don’t already know, the only difference between a Video Brochure and a Video Mailer is that one typically gets hand-delivered while the other gets mailed in custom packaging.

Get Industry-Leading Video Brochures From MediaFast

At MediaFast, our business model is to offer the best products, prices, advice and customer service at all times. We only use brand new, Grade A components to make all of the Multimedia Marketing Products we sell, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

We know what it takes to design, manufacture and deliver Video Brochures that meet and/or exceed expectations. Plus, we offer a full distribution service so our clients can remain focused on what they do best. To learn more, click: Why We’ll Mail Your Video Brochures For You.

After reading this, if you’d like to get a FREE Sample or place an order, contact us today.

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