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This is a MediaFast Video Box for True Meals.

How To Profit The Most With Swag, Gifts and Samples

When strategizing how to invest your marketing dollars, wouldn’t you just love to know how to profit the most?

Of course, right?

Well, here you go… If you plan to use swag, gifts or samples, then a Video Box will skyrocket your ROI.

Video Boxes We’ve Created For Clients

In case you’re unfamiliar with them, here are examples of Video Boxes we’ve created for clients.

They’re like traveling sales kits without sales people having to accompany them. Yet they make selling easier for sales people when the responses come flying in.

Oh, and follow-up… It’s a breeze. These are super interesting, impressive, and excellent ice-breakers. For instance, once the question gets asked, “Hey, what’d you think about the Video Box we sent you?” The conversation typically gets fun and easy from that point on.

Also, notice how the interior of the boxes are customized to hold the contents in place. That’s a classy design aspect that sets us apart from our competitors.

Plus, we can help you come up with ideas for contents if you’d like. We understand how effective ideas can sometimes be difficult to imagine… However, with our experience over the years with hundreds of these… Well, you can benefit from that.

Profit The Most In Marketing With Video Boxes

It’s no secret that videos provide an excellent way to engage a target audience. With attention spans now shorter than ever, using a Video Box is an ideal way to make a presentation… And that’s an understatement.

Here’s why:

  • Videos are more persuasive than other types of marketing communication.
  • Consumer’s minds require emotional input to make decisions.
  • Videos are outstanding for arousing emotions.
  • People tend to trust videos more than written content or motionless images.
  • Humans only remember roughly 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read.
  • On the other hand, they remember well over 70% of what they see, touch and do, especially if it’s out of the ordinary like a Video Box.
  • The experience of watching a video in a Video Box and handling its contents makes companies along with their products, services or opportunities virtually unforgettable.
  • Video Boxes tend to skyrocket perceived value.
  • They create connections and influence recipients to respond and/or make purchases.
  • ROI from Video Boxes is outstanding.

If you use swag, gifts or samples to connect with your target audience, using Video Boxes is a no-brainer. Targeted recipients will be blown away, and you’ll profit the most from your marketing dollars… No doubt.

Video Box For Jandy

Jandy is a residential and commercial pool and spa solutions company. With their equipment, their customers get superior products that are easy to install and provide unparalleled performance and efficiency.

As another example, here’s a Video Box we created for them.

Profit The Most From A Video Box From MediaFast

MediaFast is a pioneer in the video marketing industry. We’ve led the pack in quality and value with Video Marketing Products for over a decade, and we’ve truly loved helping our clients profit the most from their marketing.

With that said, even though using a Video Box is one of the smartest decisions you can make to engage your target audience, ours are completely customizable. From screen size and content to color and branding, your company will be the entire focus… Thus making your brand unforgettable.

In a nutshell, Video Boxes can include swag, gifts or samples. The WOW factor they produce blows recipients away, and influencers love them because they’re so unique.

Also, unlike other forms of marketing, they don’t get ignored. Instead, they get prioritized and shared. They’re also reloadable, reusable, and rechargeable—thus eliminating waste—and ROI with them is fantastic.

To upgrade your marketing with these fun and innovative products, contact MediaFast today.

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