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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Sonburst Communication.

How To Recruit With Video Brochures

Video brochures are dynamic tools sometimes used to recruit new executives, staff members, donors, talent and players. When trying to impress highly regarded individuals, video brochures help recruiters stand out above their competitors and win the fondness of targeted recruits.

It is common for people to solicit the opinions of others when making important decisions. When deciding where to work, where to attend college, where to donate or where to invest one’s time and efforts, a decision-maker having an impressive piece of technology to share with others can be helpful. Video brochures make it easy for recruits to show others the opportunities they are considering.

Videos engage more senses and stir emotions, which allows a presenter to better connect with recruits. When highlighting a facility, a campus, a slogan or an impressive characteristic worth touting, video brochures go above and beyond to accomplish that purpose. Also, videos are great for showing testimonials, which statistically have proven to strongly influence decision-makers.

How to recruit new executives with video brochures

Those worthy of filling executive positions have often been successful with other companies. To win the favor of the best qualified candidates, video brochures allow a company to impressively sell itself as candidates consider their options.

Imagine knowing a perfect candidate to fill a position with your company but them not knowing enough about your company to consider joining it. Perhaps they don’t have enough time to investigate it either. Giving them a state-of-the-art piece of technology with flattering video content might intrigue them enough to agree to an interview so you can sell your company and its opportunities to them.

Another instance when a video brochure could work well would be following an interview. Instead of an elite applicant going home empty handed, them having a valuable piece of technology to watch about the company wanting to hire them could strongly influence the choice they make. It could make them feel special and stir emotions in your favor.

A helpful feature of video brochures is the video content can be easily changed with any PC or Mac. Whenever desired, video content can be customized for particular recipients, which could further impress them.

How to recruit donors and boosters with video brochures

People with money who desire to donate want to believe they are giving their money to causes they feel enthusiastic about supporting. Nothing in print or digital marketing returns better results than videos. More than idle images, videos engage more senses with sight, sound and motion to touch a person’s emotions.

To depict real life circumstances and display the benefits that could come from a donor or booster’s charitable contributions, videos are a perfect way to appeal to their kindness and concerns.

A booster is defined as a person who enthusiastically supports a thing or a cause. For many schools or organizations, charitable donations often determine how successful they are overall. Donations also often determine whether or not worthy individuals get to participate in activities or events. Video brochures enable schools and organizations to present their causes to boosters in an effort to obtain the donations they need to succeed. Furthermore, some boosters love being in the videos and can use their stories to get others to make valuable contributions.

How to recruit players and talent with video brochures

Coaches, music and art leaders and other scholarship-giving organizations at colleges regularly have to sell their campuses, facilities and opportunities to recruits during the recruiting process. They also have to sell their philosophies and instructional talents as well. When hoping to outshine the competition, recruiters who use video brochures can benefit from them like a secret weapon.

One of the main challenges recruiters face is finding ways to be in as many places as possible while trying to sign the most talented recruits. Video brochures allow recruiters to sell their programs quickly and effectively without having to be present with recruits and their families as often.

With specific restrictions in place pertaining to the recruiting process, having an impressive video brochure to leave with a prized recruit can make a powerful impact on where they decide to sign. Being given a video brochure to watch wherever they want as often as they want can make a recruit feel special and even more wanted. It can also effectively present a program’s tradition, uniqueness, and inspire an emotional connection.

Video brochures help organizations win better recruits

It has been said that teams and organizations are only as good as their weakest link. Companies and teams comprised of the most talented individuals are often highly successful in their fields.

In addition to personal contact, letters, intriguing offers and wining and dining recruits, recruiters who use video brochures often gain an upper hand on their competitors. Video brochures grab attention and sometimes are the last ingredient needed to win the favor of the most highly sought after recruits.

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