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How To Split Test Your Video Marketing To Identify The Best Strategy

To split test your Video Marketing, we’ve got some helpful suggestions. It’s a great way to identify which strategy will work best, and it will help boost the return you get for your marketing dollars.

Why Split Testing Your Video Marketing Strategies Is Important

By definition, a split test is a solution for carrying out A/B tests. Or, in other words, it’s a way to compare two different strategies to determine which one is the most effective.

While performing a split test, it’s necessary to look for big wins. Why? Because it helps to be certain the results you’re seeing are real. Without a big discrepancy between one strategy and another, the results might simply be attributed to natural variance in personalities or the behavior of your participants.

Also, it’s important to split test over a long enough period of time to accumulate enough data to be trustworthy. Otherwise, tests that are run over too little time or with too few participants run the risk of producing inaccurate results.

With all of that said, knowing which Video Marketing strategy performs best is important because marketing often plays a key role in how much revenue a company receives. Not knowing can lead to wasted money, while knowing can lead to amazing profits.

Suggestions For How To Split Test Your Video Marketing

To run a helpful test for marketing purposes, first you’ll need an effective video. For advice on this, click this link: Best Practices For Making An Effective Marketing Video

Second, it’s necessary to know the strategies you’ll be testing. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know. If not, click this link: Video Marketing Ideas: 9 Ways To Promote Video Content. The author of this article does a great job of explaining proven strategies, and it’s a fairly quick read. However, what she doesn’t mention is using Video Marketing Products or how they’ve proven to produce outstanding return on investment. For more on this, click this link: Why Video Brochures Produce Excellent Return On Investment

And finally, it’s necessary to determine the length of time you’ll run your split test, which is just as important as knowing your target audience for each strategy. Whether you post your video on social media or use pay-per-click ads to draw traffic to your website. Or, if you use a Video Marketing Product like a Video Mailer or Video Box, the decision-makers you target will need to have an adequate amount of time to respond.

Our Top-Selling Video Marketing Products

Currently, companies are increasingly relying on videos to conduct business, and they’re doing so with great success. However, even before COVID-19 spread around the world, most people preferred to watch videos over reading or looking at motionless images to learn information. With that said, especially in sales and marketing, the trick is to get the “right people” to watch them.

With that in mind, here is some information about our top-selling Video Marketing Products:

Video Brochures – As a way to capitalize on the power of videos, these are almost impossible to beat. Targeted prospects find them too hard to ignore, and they easily win the battle for attention on the desks of executives. What’s even better is that decision-makers usually can’t resist showing them to other people who influence their decisions, which naturally shortens sales cycles. Rarely ever has a sales and marketing product performed so well.

Video Mailers – These are excellent for helping companies engage prospects who may be hard to reach. Videos in direct mail work extremely well, and rarely ever do gate-keepers or assistants keep their bosses from viewing them quickly.

Video Sample and Gift Boxes – Delivering samples or gifts in these cutting-edge products makes presentations extraordinarily better. Response rates to them are outstanding, and feedback indicates they open doors to opportunities that otherwise might never have been opened.

Video Point of Purchase Displays – Using one of these is an outstanding way for retailers to increase sales. They draw more attention to products spotlighted in them. And due to the inclusion of videos, they’re even more interesting to shoppers.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase any of our Video Marketing Products so your company can see how they perform against other strategies, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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