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This is a MediaFast video box for Domo with a pair of Stance socks included inside.

How Video Boxes Are Like Care Packages

Thoughtful gifts like care packages are one of the greatest ways to show people you’re thinking about them. Regardless of the reason, they feel fun — like receiving a gift — and in business, different objectives can be accomplished by reaching others with them.

Care Packages In Business

Traditionally, care packages are gifts that contain practical and comfort items. For instance, many real estate agents give them to clients filled with household products and goodies after deals are closed and move-ins happen. Professional sports teams give them to new draft picks filled with memorabilia and facility information, and charitable foundations give them to donors showing success stories and valuable things that were done with their money.

Another way we’ve seen them used with great feedback is with product samples and literature. The following testimonial from S. Williams, Marketing Manager at Flex Flow, is like many others about Video Boxes we’ve received regularly:

Wow! That is one of the coolest things we have ever received. I showed it to everyone in the office. The video really did a great job of conveying your message. We checked out your website from the insert card in your sample and want to know more about your custom design shop and to get pricing for dealers.”

That’s pretty powerful, right? If you’re a marketer, tasked with getting your company’s messages seen and heard by your target audience, wouldn’t you love to get responses like that?

Not only do marketing products like care packages make recipients feel special, but they also strengthen loyalty and increase sales… And isn’t that the goal of marketing in the first place?

Video Box Like A Care Package

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a short clip showing a Video Box in action. For more examples, click MediaFast Video Box Gallery.

The Power of Videos

If you’re a marketer who understands the power of videos, have you thought about including them with your samples or gifts? As you probably know, consumers love them, and they tend to respond to them more often than other forms of communication.

In addition, again as you probably already know, using videos in your marketing will allow consumers to feel a presence with your brand, see inside your operation, and get a feel for your products or services. Also, since they’re super popular, you’ll be able to feel confident that they’ll draw attention and curiosity from your target audience.

Likewise, to attract new customers, videos will help you post content about your brand that will delight, intrigue and engage your target audience. By doing so, trust should inevitably increase in your business.

And, to be even more specific, every person who learns something new learns by watching, listening or experiencing whatever it is they’re learning…or a combination of all three. Uniquely, video content can accomplish all of that.

They’re also ideal for sharing real-life experiences. For example, many companies capitalize on the power of videos by sharing video testimonials. Not only are they informative, but they’re also ideal for sales since the people in them are usually real customers, not paid actors.

Another Clip Of A Video Box

To give you an idea of possibilities, here’s another short clip of a Video Box in action:

Case Study with a Video Box: Domo, Inc.

Domo, Inc. is a highly successful software sales company located in American Fork, Utah. With their software, they help businesses around the world modernize themselves by using processes driven by data. They also help them improve their internal data utilization while growing their external data value.

With respect to their marketing, the traditional strategies they were using a few years ago were struggling to produce the response rate they were hoping to achieve. Looking for something new, they collaborated with MediaFast to design a Video Box, and their response rate improved drastically.

Effectively, their Video Boxes included a pair of high end socks, a personalized video message, and a business card from each recipient’s assigned sales rep. Then they were delivered to key executives within their target audience.

In a nutshell, the campaign worked so well that it became necessary for their marketing team to stagger the delivery times further apart. Otherwise, their sales team couldn’t keep up with the demands for all of the product demonstrations that were requested. Needless to say, they’ve continued using them with great satisfaction.

Assortment Of Video Boxes, Including Domo’s

Get The Best Video Boxes From MediaFast

At MediaFast, all of our products are made with only brand new, Grade A components. That ensures the best quality, and makes them extremely reliable. Also, from what we know, we’re the only company in our industry that includes a one-year full warranty.

In addition, we do not lock video content on the units. During the manufacturing process, we load the videos supplied to us by our customers. Then we leave them unlocked so they can change them whenever they want. While some companies charge for this, we don’t because we believe our customers shouldn’t be restricted from doing whatever they want with their products. If they decide to make changes and/or reuse them, all the better.

Plus, we offer a full distribution service. To learn more, click Why We’ll Mail Your Video Boxes For You. And finally, to begin the process of placing an order, or to learn more, contact us today.

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