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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Fiddler's Elbow.

How Video Mailers Connect With Decision-Makers

Video mailers are excellent at drawing a response from a target audience. They’re highly impressive, and because they tend to make it to the desks of decision-makers quickly, ROI with them is outstanding.

If you’ve ever seen a Video Mailer in action, you’re probably well aware of how impressive they are. In case you haven’t, here’s a quick video of Video Brochures in action (Video Mailers are basically Video Brochures that get sent in the mail with custom packaging, which makes them even more effective).

As the video showed, they provide an impressive combination of video content and traditional print marketing designed to deliver a powerful message to recipients. Companies rave about their performance, and even though they’ve been growing in popularity over the last several years, they’re still fairly novel.

Follow-Up After Sending Video Mailers Is Key

As a way to engage decision-makers, Video Mailers are highly effective. However, when it comes to follow-up, there are definitely some approaches that often work better than others.

For example, executives can usually tell pretty quickly if a salesperson truly cares about them or if their primary focus is just to make a sale. When salespeople truly care about whether or not their products or services will help their customers, they tend to be more like-able. That is important because most people are much more likely to buy from salespeople they like as opposed to ones they don’t.

In addition to being like-able, salespeople who use effective follow-up techniques often enjoy greater success.

One important element of good follow-up is the introduction of new information. For prospects, when they receive new information, it gives them a reason to possibly change their answer from “no” to “yes”. That matters because prospective buyers usually need to see value in what is being offered before they’ll actually buy it. Otherwise, if a salesperson continues to follow-up and pretty much says the same thing over and over again, prospective buyers usually become tired of seeing them and start avoiding them every chance they get.

Key Elements of Effective Follow-Up

One extremely important point to make is this: Approximately 80% of sales are made after the fifth follow-up. Salespeople who understand this usually perform much better than those who don’t.

With that in mind, effective follow-up usually includes the following elements:

  • Education. To get someone to change their answer from “no” to “yes”, it usually makes a great difference when information presented during follow-up exchanges is new and valuable. The consequence of salespeople following up without providing new information is that they usually wear out their welcome pretty quickly.
  • Repetition. Sometimes people need to hear the same information repeatedly before they fully understand the benefits of buying a particular product or service. If the same information can be presented in different ways, it often makes a great difference. Also, without being annoying, salespeople should act with patience and repeat important details at the most opportune moments while also mixing in new information to add value.
  • Variety. Throughout follow-up, it can be highly effective for salespeople to use a variety of communication tactics with prospects. Effective tactics include direct mail, phone calls, texts, emails, videos, and face-to-face meetings when the primary focus is not always geared towards making a sale. Effective salespeople are usually very good at figuring out which tactics work best in given situations.

As we’ve learned over the past few years, salespeople who are really good at following up after sending Video Mailers usually enjoy greater results. Coincidentally, Video Mailers provide an excellent reason for salespeople to follow-up, which means they work extremely well as door openers.

To learn more about Video Mailers or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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