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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Oasis.

How Video Mailers Help Companies Boost Revenue

Video Mailers provide a unique combination of traditional print advertising with modern video marketing to help companies boost revenue. Business owners and marketers rave about their effectiveness. At the same time, salespeople love using them.

Video Mailers Will Help Your Company Boost Revenue

For several years now, our customers have reported an increase in revenue soon after distributing Video Mailers. This is because they’re innovative, attention-grabbing, and impressive. It’s also because they’re highly effective at getting targeted prospects to watch videos. When it comes to engaging a target audience, rarely ever has there been a marketing product that has performed better.

From a financial perspective, if companies aren’t getting qualified leads from their marketing, they’re basically throwing money away. However, sending Video Mailers has proven to warm up leads and convert them into paying customers. Calls-to-action in them get responded to more often. As well, sales cycles tend to be shorter.

In general, marketing and advertising impact revenue to the point where they determine how long many companies remain in business. Knowing this, it’s common for businesses to spend thousands of dollars on websites, Google ads, postcards, magazine ads, SEO, social media, and other forms of marketing and advertising year after year – always with the hopes of enjoying an increase in revenue. If the leads they receive fail to produce sales, it can be devastating.

To give themselves a better chance at success, advertisers and marketers have learned that using videos is a fantastic strategy. On top of that, Video Marketing Products like Video Mailers have proven to produce excellent return on investment.

How Video Mailers Help Companies Increase Revenue

In case you aren’t familiar with Video Brochures or Video Mailers, here is a short video highlighting them:

Effectively, Video Brochures and Video Mailers have become extremely popular. Companies have discovered they’re like doubling or tripling their sales forces. In addition, recipients are so responsive to them that users wish they would have started distributing them much sooner.

From the moment they’re received, they’re almost impossible to ignore. The impressive, HD quality video and sound that greets recipients when they open them delivers messages in a unique and unforgettable way. While videos are the key ingredient, the entire package produces a WOW Factor that most people rarely ever feel when experiencing a marketing product or sales tool.

With that in mind, while traditional brochures and paper flyers usually get thrown away almost immediately, the novel, cutting-edge quality of Video Mailers results in recipients keeping them for repeated viewings. What’s even better is that they share them with others who influence their decisions, which makes them more influential and ultimately leads to more opportunities for them to create sales.

Get The Best Video Mailers From MediaFast

Without a doubt, Video Mailers are revolutionary marketing products. Companies are using them to help their brand stand out, and the results they report are outstanding.

While it can be a challenge for companies to design cost-effective Video Marketing Products due to the creativity and range of materials necessary to produce them, companies who work with us often save valuable time and money. Not only does our experience and expertise allow us to create effective solutions at affordable prices, but the satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.

Furthermore, we only use brand new, Grade A components in all of the products we sell. While there are horror stories about Video Marketing Products failing to perform at the most inopportune moments because some companies use recycled or refurbished parts, we’ve chosen not to let that happen to our clients. As a result, ours are reliable, trustworthy, and highly impressive. (By the way, we do recycle inactive components and/or units. Click this link to learn more: MediaFast Recycles Video Brochures.)

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can capitalize on how they help companies boost revenue, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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