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How Videos Make Learning Easier

For years now, videos have been used to help people learn faster. While it is true we all learn easier in different ways, videos offer some distinct advantages.

How videos make learning easier

So, how do videos make learning easier? The following reasons should help explain.

  • Visual Processing: A large part of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information. Our brains respond to visuals quickly, much faster than reading words or other abilities we use to consume information. Also, images in motion ignite human senses. As a result, viewers find it easier to pay attention, focus, and remember information they consume from videos.
  • Learning Through Demonstrations: Videos have the ability to show and tell stories about how events occur and particular processes work while reflecting actual circumstances. Consequently, watching demonstrations removes a lot of guesswork and speeds up the learning process.
  • Benefits of Animation: Abstract concepts can be difficult to explain and understand, especially if they are complex. However, animation has the ability to bend the laws of nature and convey complex information in a simple way. By being flexible, dynamic, and easy to customize, animation has the ability to explain almost anything to anyone.
  • Self-Learning: Videos allow people to effectively learn on their own. Online degrees now exist because of videos, and people find it easier to access information they need or want because so many videos are available. What’s more, when people learn on their own, they sometimes remember information better.
  • Training: Instead of reading or being told how to perform various work related activities, many companies now use videos to teach important information to their personnel. For viewers, videos seem to make content more interesting. They’re also easier to follow. On top of that, they’re more cost effective for companies since they don’t have to pay for travel, time, and other expenses necessary for live training sessions to occur.
  • Proper Context: When video footage is recorded in actual circumstances, producers can use it to portray the proper context of what they are presenting. In turn, there is an increase in trust, accuracy, interest, and understanding.
  • Sense of Presence: When watching an event or presentation, the next best thing to actually being there is watching it in video. Except for touch and smell, almost all of the same senses get engaged. Also, viewers tend to feel like they are actually living in the moment as opposed to reading words or looking at motionless images to learn about what happened.

Why companies should use videos

Videos now play a key role in most cultures. They’re ideal for grabbing attention, educating, entertaining, marketing, selling, and many other purposes in everyday life and business. On top of that, by using visuals with sound and motion, they have the ability to say a lot in a short period of time.

For companies, modern consumers prefer videos because they want to see products and services in action. They also enjoy the sensory engagement they experience when watching videos. For these and other reasons, ROI with them is outstanding.

At MediaFast, we understand how effective videos have become. Not only do they help companies make themselves more memorable, but they also help them engage their most likely customers and train personnel within their own organizations.

To help our clients get the most for their money, we combine extensive experience with excellent resources to provide the best video marketing products available. We only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

To learn more about videos or the state-of-the-art marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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