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How You Can Use Video Marketing For Your Company

To capitalize on one of the very best ways to increase revenue, here is how you can use Video Marketing for your company.

Why Consumers Choose Videos Over Reading

First, when trying to decide if Video Marketing is right for you, consider this: If you ask someone to read a printed brochure for three minutes or watch a video for three minutes, which do you think they’ll pick? According to research from Wyzowl in 2020, and umpteen other researchers, they’ll pick the video almost every time.

So, why do people choose videos over reading so much of the time now? They do so for the following reasons:

  • Video content is perfect for invoking emotions
  • It’s ideal for creating emotional connections
  • Videos build trust (people find it easier to believe what they see and hear)
  • Videos explain concepts, products, services, and opportunities quickly
  • Watching videos feels like less work
  • Videos are more entertaining and/or appealing when consuming information

With these points in mind, it’s easy to understand why 80% of marketers, according to Wyzowl, say that videos help increase sales. It’s also easy to understand why consumers choose videos over reading.

Types Of Videos You Can Use In Video Marketing

While it might feel intimidating when you’re first starting out, creating content for Video Marketing gets fairly easy. The best way to find a strategy that will work well is to experiment with the types of videos and see which ones resonate with your target audience. Of course, if you already have a pretty good idea of what will work best, experimenting isn’t necessary.

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, using the right Video Marketing Strategy will help make your videos more effective. Here is a list of the most common types of videos:

  • Explainer videos: These are usually short and thorough. Basically, they provide an appealing way to explain products, services, opportunities, and instructions so potential users or customers will understand them well. For concepts that are difficult to explain, animation is the ideal communication method. It can bend the laws of nature in ways that real life people and objects simply cannot.
  • Demonstration videos: These are usually longer videos that explain products, services, and opportunities in greater detail. They show them in action in real life circumstances, which makes them more trustworthy, and they help viewers see themselves using whatever is being presented for themselves. Since one of the keys to being successful in sales is to help potential buyers see themselves using the commodity being sold to make their lives better, demonstration videos are often lucrative difference-makers.
  • Presentation videos: Similar to TV commercials, presentation videos introduce consumers to products, services, and opportunities so they’ll know about them. They also provide a great way to show the benefits of using them and to differentiate them from competitors. In addition, many companies have found that using presentation videos for submitting project bids is highly effective.
  • Testimonial videos: Customer testimonials provide an ideal way for companies to build trust with consumers. Testimonials feature real people who have personal experience with the commodity being sold. As well, others who are considering buying it normally place a high value on hearing what other users have to say. When they can see them, trust escalates. As a result, purchasing decision become easier to make.

In addition to these types of videos, other options include ad-hoc videos that give looks behind the scenes; videos that focus on employees; videos that tell the stories of companies; promotional videos focusing on price and value; and good old fashioned entertainment videos that increase exposure and awareness among consumers.

Video Marketing Products Help Videos Get Watched

Once you’ve made the decision to use Video Marketing, the next step is to choose how you’ll ensure your videos get watched. More importantly, how they’ll get watched by your target audience.

The greatest benefit of using Video Marketing Products is they provide an ideal way for companies to get their messages directly in the hands of their most likely customers. Companies who use them often realize pretty quickly they’re worth every penny. In some ways, they’re like having a bigger sales force filled with more effective salespeople because they perform so well.

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