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Humanize Everything When Marketing With Videos

Video marketing is a rewarding strategy and companies who use it well get great results from it. More than likely, I’m telling you something you already know.

Over the past several years, marketing has changed and there seem to be new rules. The two I will address here are that videos should be used, and everything should be humanized.

What humanizing is and why it’s powerful

Humanizing content in videos isn’t something that can be achieved simply by putting people in front of a camera. Humanizing occurs when messages become relatable and ring true to an audience.

For companies, the way people feel matters a great deal because it often affects whether or not they buy from them. Videos are excellent at establishing trust, and people tend to buy from others they like. If companies can make themselves relatable, trustworthy, and likable in videos, their chances of making sales increase.

In addition, emotionally charged content is memorable and videos make it easier for emotions to be aroused. Often, when companies show they care about what they do and/or why they do it, it shows their audience they care about them. Plus, people like to be aroused emotionally because it makes them feel the opposite of bored, among other things. Without humanizing videos, that’s much more difficult.

Furthermore, when faces get put to names, it creates empathy. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Essentially, it creates an emotional connection and is often responsible for an emotional reaction. When marketers give people someone they can relate to, they usually begin to root for them as well.

The benefits of humanizing videos

The best videos tend to have a very clear and focused message rather than being broad. They’re usually about a minute or less, and they focus on how the product or service will affect users. For example, videos about NordicTrack Exercise Bikes explain one aspect at a time. Then they have other videos about other aspects, each of which focuses on a singular concept.

To see what I mean, watch the following:

Videos like the one above make it easy for people to connect emotionally to a brand. Seeing the emotions and expressions of a user gives viewers a sense of familiarity and trust, and it creates a vision of them owning whatever it is they’re watching.

What makes the biggest difference for companies is putting out videos with messages that are capable of being relatable and reliable. If their target audience can identify with the problems their product or service can resolve, they’ll be considered less as a company only trying to make money and more like a company trying to help people get what they need to become better themselves.

For companies to accomplish what was described in the previous paragraph, the characters in their videos need to talk and behave like the people who make up their target audience. If they can succeed at this, viewers will feel like what they’re watching is ideal for them.

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