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This is a MediaFast video box for Verizon.

Important Info About Video Gift and Sample Boxes

Sometimes the presentation makes all the difference with samples and gifts. From what we’ve seen, video gift and sample boxes have proven to be excellent for companies willing to try something cutting-edge to get the best response to their gifts and/or marketing efforts.

By including videos inside the box tops that play when gift or sample boxes are opened, senders allow themselves to capitalize on the power of videos. Not only does the presentation become more powerful, but the novelty affect is extraordinarily impactful. Recipients usually can’t wait to show co-workers and other decision-makers what they’ve received, and what results is a more influential marketing piece.

Important Info About Video Gift and Sample Boxes

If you are interested in using video gift or sample boxes for your company, here are details that should give you helpful information:

  • The minimum order is one. That’s right, we do not have a minimum. Companies sometimes want a prototype designed first so they can use it as a demo, and we’re happy to fulfill those orders.
  • Video content is not locked. We prefer not to limit what our customers do with the marketing products they buy from us, so we do not lock video content on them. This allows our customers to change video content whenever they want, and the process is super easy. To see a short demonstration, click this link: How To Change Content On A Video Brochure (it works the same on video boxes)
  • We provide a full warranty. This is true for all of the marketing products we sell, and it is not a limited warranty.
  • We only use brand new, Grade A components. We believe that for the video marketing products we sell to produce the best ROI, they have to work perfectly when the time comes to perform. Using the best components helps ensure the best quality.
  • Regarding our prices, we do not nickel and dime, nor do we use “bait and switch” tactics. Surcharges or set-up fees do not exist with us, and our quotes include the total amount our customers will have to pay to receive the video gift or sample boxes they create with us. For instance, we do not charge to load video content.
  • Variables exist. Customers have different wants and needs and not everyone wants or needs the same standard video gift or sample boxes. Screen sizes, memory sizes, quantities, battery strengths, button possibilities, button functions, design, and several other variables exist. Instead of making assumptions, we prefer to first hear what our customers have in mind and then work with them to design their video gift or sample boxes.
  • Screen size does NOT affect ROI. In all the years we’ve been in this industry, we have yet to come across any data that indicates whether or not screen size affects ROI. What matters most is knowing the wants and needs of a target audience, and then designing a video marketing piece that looks good aesthetically to help it accomplish its purpose.
  • We have design templates, but none are considered standard. While there are some models that seem to be preferred, custom design is more dynamic and popular. In fact, we encourage customization.
  • Regarding memory, video length and screen size are the biggest factors. Smaller screen sizes require lower memory capacities because it takes fewer pixels to make the image quality its best. However, sometimes bigger screens are needed. With regards to video length, shorter is usually more effective (approximately 30 seconds or less is considered ideal). Primarily, the purpose of the video and the personality types of the target audience should determine the length of the video. To learn more, click this link: How Long Should Videos Be In Video Brochures

Hopefully you’ve found this to be helpful. If you decide to use video gift or sample boxes for your company, we believe you’ll be happy you chose to do so.

To learn more about video gift or sample boxes or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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