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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for CSF University.

Impress Prospects With Video Marketing Products

In today’s digital world, video marketing is a superb way to impress prospects. In fact, videos are significantly more effective forms of communication because they engage more senses.

Videos improve open and response rates for email campaigns, social media posts, PPC campaigns, and most other forms of marketing.

Also, video marketing has proven to increase sales, improve brand awareness, outperform SEO, and will never be affected by email filters.

Video marketing increases revenue

The goal of any marketing campaign is to increase revenue. Companies have to market themselves well enough to get the attention of potential customers, and video marketing is an outstanding way to get people’s attention.

Recollection skyrockets in humans when audio and visual are combined and viewers become much more engaged while watching videos.

For comparison’s sake, let’s take a look at some popular forms of advertising.

  • With direct mail, a 2% response rate is considered outstanding.
  • With email campaigns, the average open rate is about 3%.
  • YouTube videos and SEO tactics are affected by rankings.
  • With website traffic, people are often too busy to surf around looking for information.
  • With pay-per-click campaigns, the only guarantee an advertiser can expect is that they will have to pay Google for the clicks their ads receive. (The downside is the average conversion rate on those clicks is 2.35% and an outstanding response rate is considered to be 5.31% according to

In contrast, videos have an open and play rate of over 20% when used in marketing. Also, according to a study conducted by Survey USA, the open and play rate of videos about some products and services is significantly higher.

Furthermore, over 50% of people who watch a video about a product or service they are thinking of buying share it with other decision-makers. That kind of result just doesn’t happen with other common forms of marketing.

Video marketing wins the battle for attention

For successful marketers, a best practice is to consider what happens in humans who are constantly bombarded with marketing for products and services.

Companies who market themselves with video marketing products stand out from competitors. Products such as video brochures, video mailers, USB flash drivesPOP displaysCDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs have proven to be more intriguing to potential clients, and they are viewed as novelty items instead of throw-away marketing pieces.

As an example of how much videos enhance marketing, here is a testimonial from Troy Hall of Service King Collision Repair Centers:

“The video brochures definitely left an impression with our partners so much so that they mentioned our competitor’s presentations weren’t even close.”

Video marketing is convenient and versatile

Viewers of POP displays, video brochures, video mailers, USB flash drives, CD’s, DVDs and Blu-ray discs can usually watch them whenever convenient. They normally don’t require an internet connection to play messages programmed in them, and recipients appreciate the convenience they offer.

Also, video marketing products can be used for many different purposes like selling, fundraising, sharing testimonials, training, branding, marketing, recruiting, instructing, motivating, delivering personal messages, creating awareness, and asking for support for specific causes.

By using video marketing products to engage and entertain potential customers, companies all over are benefiting from improved ROI and increased company moral. Salespeople love them, marketing departments enjoy designing them, and recipients appreciate them.

MediaFast video marketing products are awesome

For companies, knowing how to make themselves unforgettable can lead to huge success.

When people need or want something, their first thoughts are about who they know or where they know to get it. Then they analyze their thoughts and decide how to take action. If they think of your company at that opportune time, you have a great chance of getting their business.

MediaFast video marketing products can help make your company unforgettable.

At MediaFast, we understand a great presentation is an unbeatable way to gain the attention of potential customers. We combine our extensive experience with excellent resources to help our customers receive the best video marketing products possible, and we usually save them money along the way.

With regards to quality, we only use brand new, Grade A components to make all of our products. Not that we have anything against recycling. It’s just that we value customer service and the satisfaction of our clients far more than we are willing to risk. We believe the increased profits that might come from using recycled or refurbished parts wouldn’t be worth it because our clients need our products to perform at their best when they use them.

To learn more about video marketing and the products we offer, contact us today.

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