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This is a MediaFast video box for Domo with a pair of Stance socks included inside.

Impressively Boost Sales With A Video Sample Box

If sharing samples is a standard sales strategy used by your company, using a video box to distribute samples is a great way to boost sales.

This strategy allows companies to capitalize on the most effective marketing technique (videos) in combination with product samples when engaging their most likely customers. As a result, potential customers become more impressed, salespeople quickly become more effective, and sales are often easier to make.

A video box is an excellent way to distribute samples or gifts

A video box is sometimes referred to as a video sample box, a video gift box, or a video box mailer.

Similar to the way videos add life to point of purchase displays (POP displays) and traditional printed brochures, they make sample boxes considerably more effective as well.

In addition to grabbing attention and helping companies stand apart from competitors, they also generate a “wow factor”, increase the number of prospects a company can reach because recipients show them to co-workers and other decision-makers, and dramatically boost the perceived value of whatever it is a company has to offer.

With them, presentations become more classy and make a more memorable impression. They can also make all the difference when a salesperson is trying to reach a prospect who may be difficult to engage.

Whether it is because the samples do the talking or the video does the selling, a video box produces an excellent one-two punch to increase the number of sales a company makes.

A video box feels like a gift to a recipient

When received, a video box feels like a gift. It’s hard to ignore, impossible to resist, and effectively provides companies with a new-age way to show off the best of what they have to offer. As a result, their samples get more attention, their company becomes more memorable, and momentum is created for their salespeople to close more deals.

Videos, when combined with print marketing and/or product samples, increase the effectiveness of marketing. Without a doubt, video content has a favorable effect on consumers and consistently generates positive ROI for companies who use it.

Also, video marketing is a rising trend showing no signs of slowing down and consumers believe companies who use videos know how to better communicate with them. Because of this, in an effort to capitalize on the power of videos, companies are now allocating more time and money to the production of videos.

Boost sales with a video sample box

At MediaFast, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art, cutting-edge marketing products to our clients. The video box, whether used for samples or gifts, is a great innovation companies can use to boost sales and improve their chances to thrive in the competitive world of business.

In sales, the use of videos has become an outstanding strategy. Videos engage more senses in humans and have proven to emotionally influence buying decisions. Subsequently, well informed companies have learned that pairing them with samples or gifts is an an even more effective sales technique for them to use.

To hear more about how a video box can help your company or to learn about our other marketing products, contact us today.

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