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Improve A Point of Purchase Display With A Video

Considering how competitive retail is, when retailers find a way like adding a video to improve a Point of Purchase Display, it can significantly improve revenue.

On top of that, when companies find ways to make the products they manufacture more appealing for retailers to offer in their stores like POP Displays often do, they can also enjoy a significant increase in revenue.

Fortunately, Point of Purchase Displays benefit both parties, and consumers benefit from them as well.

Improve A Point of Purchase Display With A Video

Point of Purchase Displays in retail settings improve the overall shopping experience for consumers. Not only do they remind them to buy items they might have forgotten they needed, but they also help them discover products that might positively impact their lives.

For store owners, POP Displays increase impulse purchases and effectively boost revenue…. and that’s without videos being included. However, when videos are included, Point of Purchase Displays become even more effective.

Essentially, videos have proven to be great for many purposes. The combination of images with sound and motion enhances communication, and sometimes there isn’t a better way to communicate with consumers or engage decision-makers than the use of videos.

In a nutshell, videos are extremely effective because they grab attention, arouse emotions, portray details in actual circumstances, have the ability to explain even hard to explain concepts with the use of animation, increase trust, present information faster, and require less effort from viewers to consume information. Because of these qualities, videos have proven to increase sales, generate excellent ROI, improve SEO, prompt even lazy consumers to respond to a call to action, allow companies to control how their messages are presented, and enable people to share information with others easily.

However, the key to success for companies with videos is to have them get watched by the “right” people. With this in mind, videos in Point of Purchase Displays in retail locations make a ton of sense because they have the best chance to get watched by consumers when they’re ready to spend money.

Fortunately, mass manufacturers have discovered ways to include a video screen in almost anything. Videos are extremely popular for a variety of reasons, and sometimes store owners require them to be included before they’ll approve a Point of Purchase Display to be placed in any of their stores. Understandably, there are benefits for all parties.

Skyrocket Impulse Purchases With A POP Display

Impulse buying first caught the attention of analysts back in the 1950s. As they studied, it soon became clear how strongly Point of Purchase Displays impacted revenue and how much consumers were effected by them in retail settings. Not only did they help consumers remember and/or discover products they’d like to buy, but they also helped products sell significantly more. Still, to this day, they’re just as effective.

For consumers, the fear of missing out or forgetting something is strong. Both feelings cause consumers to shop longer, which means retailers get more of an opportunity to make sales to them, and reminders left by store managers on marketing products like POP Displays help consumers decrease those fears just as much as they help retailers make more sales.

Fortunately, someone had the brilliant idea to add videos to POP Displays. As a result, they are more effective at helping consumers avoid missing out on products they’d like to buy as well as helping them remember products they might have forgotten they wanted or needed.

Get The Best Point of Purchase Display From MediaFast

Strategically, a Point of Purchase Display gives retailers a chance to increase sales before consumers leave their store. In addition to increasing impulse purchases, the use of videos in them has proven to make them even more effective.

For retailers, using a Point of Purchase Display is one of the most inexpensive ways to promote their products. For consumers, videos being included increases the chances that they’ll listen to messages in Point of Purchase Displays and buy the products highlighted in them.

To learn more about Point of Purchase Displays or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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