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Improve Brand Reputation With Video Marketing

Video marketing has evolved significantly over the past few years. From basic animations to live streaming and new social media formats, it has risen to the top of marketing strategies.

Using information from Wyzowl’s survey “The State of Video Marketing 2018“, here are some telling statistics:

  • 81% of companies use videos for marketing purposes in 2018, compared to 63% in 2017.
  • The average person watches 1.5 hours of video each day.
  • 81% of individuals have purchased a product or service after watching a video about it.
  • 76% of marketers say videos have helped their company increase sales.

Judging from those numbers, it looks like the predictions from the past decade about videos becoming increasingly relied upon have come true.

How companies can use video marketing

While going viral should never be the objective of a video marketing campaign, the phrase itself sounds exciting. In the process of making a marketing video, it’s wise to shoot for totally awesome while remaining focused on the goal of marketing, which is to match a company’s products and services to the people who need and want them.

With that in mind, here are ways companies can use video marketing.

Live Video (live streaming):

Live videos have become increasingly popular. For companies, they offer the following advantages:

  • They promote authenticity.
  • They attract viewers.
  • They are time-sensitive, which creates excitement.
  • They don’t require an investment to produce or edit.
  • They can be posted online for future benefits.

In addition to these advantages, many people think the idea of being included in live videos is exciting. As a result, they boost moral within companies and add a perk to some people’s time at work.

E-Learning Videos

Companies can use e-learning videos to monetize their videos and help them present information to prospects in a clear, visual way. They can even use videos for company training or combine training and marketing by offering a valuable video to viewers who submit their contact information.

Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos can be highly profitable on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. A profitable strategy is to partner with YouTubers or popular online personalities to boost the number of views.

360 Degree Videos

360 degree videos have become a popular way to showcase travel destinations, experiences, and products in a more realistic way. Surveys indicate viewers feel they are more engaging, and they are practically the next best thing to actually being “there”.

Video Funnels

Video funnels work in the same manner companies use other types of content to move prospects through a sales cycle from awareness, to consideration, to decision. Also, social media platforms now allow companies to build custom audiences based on behaviors, which enable them to re-target prospects who seemed interested.

How video marketing can improve brand reputation

Effective management of brand reputation requires a mixed marketing strategy. In addition to written content, sharing images, maintaining credible SEO and posting regularly on social media, videos are highly important.

The modern search engine results page (SERP) prominently highlights video content by virtue of three major indicators: relevance, freshness, and social media value. Relevance can be achieved by SEO. Freshness is determined by when a video was produced and published, and social media value can be strengthened with an established strategy and consistent posting.

To establish a good reputation, brands should consistently publish positive video content with branding in mind. The following are types of marketing videos that improve brand reputation:

  • Company overview
  • News headlines or big announcements
  • Product or service demonstrations
  • Promotions for sales or events
  • Testimonials
  • Seasonal videos
  • Question & answer (Q&A) sessions

In all honesty, videos don’t have to be fancy or expensive to be effective. Some of the best videos cost very little time and money, and they tend to feel more authentic to viewers.

Branding with video marketing products is an excellent strategy

By definition, brand reputation refers to how a particular brand is regarded by others. A company with a favorable brand indicates consumers trust them and feel good about buying their products or services.

To achieve success, companies need their most likely customers to remember them when they want or need a product or service they offer. Also, with the amount of competition facing most companies today, it has never been more important to stand out with a unique identity and value proposition. Without a doubt, good branding and brand reputation are keys to success.

Based on the statistics referenced earlier from Wyzowl, videos are highly influential in the minds of consumers. At MediaFast, we offer state-of-the-art video marketing products to help companies strengthen their brands, reach their most likely customers, and engage targeted prospects with videos.

As well, there are great advantages for companies who use video marketing products. For example, they are ideal for engaging targeted prospects with modern devices that are simple to operate and impressive to receive. People tend to prefer watching videos over reading words or looking at motionless images without sound, and videos can say more in less time. On top of that, research indicates people respond better to a call to action when watching a video.

To learn more about the video marketing products we offer and how they can help your company improve its brand reputation, contact us today.

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