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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Sonburst Communication.

Improve Company Training With Video Mailers

The effectiveness of training undeniably effects the success of companies, and using video mailers to improve training can result in a significant boost in performance.

Over the past several years, companies have begun using video mailers to improve training throughout their organizations. Videos enable them to constantly train their personnel by sharing material in a way people enjoy that is much more convenient (in most cases). Also, making videos for training allows them to control the quality of the presentations, and it usually saves time and money.

With that said, here are 10 reasons video mailers can improve company training.

10 reasons video mailers can improve company training

  1. People love videos and often respond better to them than reading text, looking at motionless images, or studying diagrams when trying to learn.
  2. Videos have the ability to say and demonstrate more in a shorter period of time (2 to 5 minute training videos are efficient and highly effective).
  3. People feel companies who use videos know better how to connect with them.
  4. Presenting information in videos often makes concepts and lessons easier to understand.
  5. Mailing training videos to employees in different locations helps companies save thousands of dollars in travel expenses as well as significant amounts of time.
  6. The production of training videos allows companies to control the quality of training presented because it isn’t affected by the performance of a trainer or other “live” circumstances they may not be able to control.
  7. Watching training videos allows viewers to rewind and re-watch segments of a video whenever necessary or desired.
  8. Access to training videos allows viewers to watch at optimal times or whenever convenient for them.
  9. Training videos can be watched at work stations so personnel can emulate the training while they work (often hands-on training is most effective).
  10. Access to training videos in video mailers often means less time away from work stations.

An example of highly effective training with video mailers

We recently had a client share with us how their company has experienced great success throughout their organization by using video mailers for training. The following is what they told us.

First, they focus their training videos on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). By doing this, they make certain their employees get constant training on topics and processes that significantly affect their level of performance.

Second, they make a strong effort to limit the length of their videos to under three minutes. The advantages of this are that nobody feels the videos take up much of their time, they remain focused on a specific point, even people with short attention spans can usually remain focused for three minutes, and the short training segments have become routine for their employees.

Third, the employees huddle-up at their workstations and learn together. This is when one of the greatest benefits of video brochures in video mailers come into play, which is that they can be watched anytime and practically anywhere without an internet connection or electricity being necessary.

Fourth, they use actual employees in the videos so viewers share an interest and feel a better connection with whoever is presenting the training.

Videos in video mailers improve company training

Videos have taken the world by storm. Attention spans appear to be shorter than ever, and people now feel like they have less time to complete their tasks and accomplish all of the things they’d like to accomplish. To offset this, effective training videos are usually short, focused, and viewer-friendly.

By engaging more senses, videos make messages more memorable. They’re also attention-grabbing, sometimes entertaining, and usually efficient. Because of this, wise executives have been utilizing video content to benefit their companies for several years now.

To learn more about using video mailers to upgrade training in your company or to hear about our other marketing products, contact us today.

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