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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for AECOM Team.

Improve Motivation With Video Brochures

Someone once had the motivation to combine traditional print brochures with videos, and the resulting video brochures have been a huge success for many reasons.

They are being used for selling products or services, increasing exposure, raising awareness, sharing testimonials, fundraising, training, motivating, recruiting, teaching, and branding by companies all over the world.

Furthermore, companies who use them claim video brochures produce great ROI for them, even better than any other marketing strategies they have tried.

Motivation is a profitable emotion

Motivation is defined as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Basically, it forms the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Whether someone is working on a project, pursuing a goal or realizing a dream, the creative buzz people get from transforming their ideas into realities is intoxicating. When they relax into a rhythm and get in “the zone”, something new begins to take shape before their eyes. The power of seeing an idea come out of their imagination and develop into real life is proof that what they do changes the world around them.

Seeing a project through definitely includes unique ups & downs and starts & stops. Bringing new ideas to life requires people to stay flexible enough to meet each new challenge on its own terms and to stand their ground against the unexpected. It’s very easy for a person to let their desire for constant perfection interfere with their ability to adapt to whatever challenges come their way. Because of that, people need a way to remain steadfast and remember what their end goals are so they can continue making progress.

Fortunately, motivation is a natural feeling, one that is the most powerful emotion for keeping a person energized, focused and dedicated to achieving their goals.

Video brochures improve motivation in salespeople

Video brochures make selling so much easier. In fact, they’ve been known to make average salespeople great.

When a salesperson has a state-of-the-art sales tool to share with potential customers, it increases confidence and takes pressure off of them. It also allows them to talk less and listen more, and customers usually appreciate being able to review a video brochure at their own convenience.

Additionally, companies who use video brochures allow themselves to maintain better control over how their messages are presented. Then they aren’t required to rely mostly on the effectiveness of their salespeople.

And finally, video brochures often shorten the time during a sales process and sometimes even make sales themselves.

Video brochures improve motivation in customers

Websites, brochures and videos often increase trust and raise awareness about companies to potential customers. People also commonly rely on videos to gain information and help them make purchasing decisions.

When potential buyers are ready to buy, companies who have videos and quality video brochures for them to watch often close the deals sooner.

Furthermore, when other decision-makers who may not be present for a sales presentation are involved in making purchasing decisions, companies who share video brochures allow them to be engaged by their messages and learn about what they have to offer without it being completely in a second-hand manner. The emotions they feel when watching a company’s videos improve trust, confidence and motivation, and often sales result from those emotions.

Video brochures improve motivation within companies

When moral is high, companies often experience some of their best times. Video brochures regularly boost sales and increase revenue within companies, thus resulting in better energy and happier work environments.

Video brochures are also excellent for training and sharing messages of all types, and since the video content can be easily changed, they are reusable. This means companies can use them over and over again and employees can watch them at their own convenience when the messages might have a greater effect on them.

Motivate your company with MediaFast video brochures

We only use brand new, Grade A components to make all of our video marketing products. We understand the best quality is extremely important for our clients, and when they buy from us, we ensure they get the best.

Additionally, our vast experience and ingenuity enable us to be an excellent partner for our clients when they are working with us. When companies include is from start to finish when creating and acquiring their video marketing products, we usually help them save money and get the best they could possibly get for the money they spend.

To learn more about our video brochures or other video marketing products, contact us today.

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