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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Hayden Outdoors Real Estate.

In The Digital Age We Live In, Video Mailers Produce Extremely Well

Good things are happening in marketing, and Video Mailers produce extremely well because of it. How? Because target audiences are receptive to new ideas, especially ones with videos, and they appreciate marketing content that includes them.

Also, if you decide to use them, we’ll make it easy. Our staff will do the work for you, meaning we’ll design them. Manufacture them. Load them with video content. Distribute them. And let you know when it’s done. Then all you’ll need to do is the follow-up and enjoy the sales that come in one by one.

Doing Follow-Up After Sending Video Mailers Is Key

If you’re in sales, using Video Mailers to engage your target audience is an excellent strategy. A well-planned, short video will make an interesting, credible introduction that will intrigue your prospects. Then your product demonstration or marketing message will resonate better in their minds, and you’ll be doing better marketing because of it.

Furthermore, Video Mailers win the battle for attention when competing against other marketing media. For instance, they substantially outperform traditional flyers and printed brochures because of their novelty, and they can say and show more information in less time because of their video content. Also, recipients usually can’t resist showing them to others, which makes them more influential. And they keep them instead of throwing them away, which really isn’t the case with most other marketing materials.

With all of that said, it’s rare when someone makes a purchase after the first sales pitch. That’s why follow-up is so important, and a key to success.

Video Marketing Products Convert Leads Into Paying Customers

As you might already know, Video Brochures are extremely popular. Nevertheless, companies have discovered they can profit just as much or more by sending them in the mail as Video Mailers instead of passing them around or dropping them off for targeted prospects.

Basically, they feel like gifts begging to be opened. The impressive, HD quality video and sound with which they deliver messages is unique and unforgettable. And, because of how impressive they are, doors that normally wouldn’t be opened tend to get opened almost immediately. Then face-to-face meetings occur, and from what we’ve seen, leads get converted into paying customers fairly quickly.

After reading this, if you’d like to benefit from how Video Mailers produce extremely well for companies who use them, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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