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Increase Profits By Including Videos In Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing has produced solid returns for decades now. However, companies have found that including videos in it improves its performance substantially. Why? Because videos can say and show more information in less time. Consumers also pay more attention to marketing when videos are included, and it feels more appealing.

Videos Make Marketing Messages More Interesting

One of the greatest advantages of direct mail is that recipients have no choice but to touch it to get it out of their mailbox. Then, by including a clear and meaningful message, companies increase their chances of connecting with recipients. At the same time, getting a consumer’s attention isn’t as simple as just mailing a postcard, brochure, or flyer to them. What makes Direct Mail Marketing work much better according to is when it includes a video.

Likewise, research has proven that video content helps marketing messages draw a greater response. Consumers say they remember more of what they see and hear in videos. They also feel like companies who use videos know better how to connect with them. As a result, companies who use videos in their strategies get more value for the money they spend on marketing. Plus, they benefit from engaging more people in less time while also looking more modern.

With that said, whether the goal is to have a Direct Mail Marketing piece that makes sales itself or to have it prompt prospective buyers to call so appointments can be set for salespeople to call them back, using video content will likely boost its performance.

Video Content Boosts Performance In Marketing Materials

For marketing purposes, direct mail still produces acceptable return on investment. In fact, we have several customers still having great success with it. To explain why, here are some statistics from

  • 42.2% of recipients read or skim direct mail pieces, which is nearly half.
  • Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than email.
  • Recipients purchase 28% more items than people who don’t get the same pieces of direct mail.
  • Recipients spend 28% more money than people who don’t get the same pieces of direct mail.
  • Direct mail offers a 29% return on investment.
  • 73% of Americans say they appreciate being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.

Basically, what this means is that direct mail is still a great option for a marketing strategy. By comparison, according to Smart Insights, digital ads are lucky to get a 14% clickthrough rate followed by a 2.35% conversion rate. Meanwhile, adding video content to any marketing strategy significantly boosts its results.

Direct Mail Marketing Performs Better When Videos Are Included

Let’s face it, we all love videos. Maybe it’s because they feel like they take less effort to watch. Or, maybe it’s because they’re sometimes entertaining. Then again, maybe it’s because most of us find it easier to trust what we see and hear more than what we read. Or, maybe it’s because we enjoy how videos stimulate more of our senses. Regardless of why, we simply prefer videos over most other forms of communication.

With that said, sometimes the biggest challenge for companies who use videos in marketing is to get their most likely customers to watch them. Fortunately, overcoming that challenge is where Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures and Video Gift and Sample Boxes provide a huge advantage. Why? Because they provide a powerful combination of audio and visual like a TV commercial, but they cost much less. They also enable companies to deliver their messages directly into the hands of their targeted prospects. At the same time, they’re far more convenient for them to share with others who influence their decisions. And, for companies who use them, they’re like having a bigger sales staff filled with more effective salespeople who produce better results.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase any of our Video Marketing Products so your company can enjoy the increase in profits they produce, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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